SO FED UP!!!!!!!!

I am so fed up, what is going on inside me. Again today I went to have bloods taken for chemo no3 on Tues and again my neutrophils are low 0.16 today although were 2.97 on last Sat as ended up in hospital being checked as felt shivery etc. What is going on. I have even had the neutroplast injection after chemo this time, ARG!!! I don’t want any delays due to the timing over Christmas and just want this horrible disease to GO AWAY. Sorry feeling really really down. Just finding it really hard at the moment, and if anyone else tells me to get as much rest as I can I will hit them how can I when I have two little babies and bloody cancer. Sorry to moan and to top it I have just read Dina Rabinovitch has died and now I feel worse.

Ranting at least helps a little bit even if it is to cyber ladies!!!

With love



Sorry to read your feeling so low, I won’t tell you to rest and be positive! It is hard and we all struggle every day, i sat and ironed 3 shirts this morning whilst crying cause it was such hard work! have two little babies must be extremely hard work and stressfull. You just need to adjust your timings, I always found that i would say i’ll take it a week or a day at a time, but on very low days I would take each hour at a time. Just trying to get throught the next hour and then make a small plan for the next and so on. It really did work for me as i wouldn’t think too far ahead in the day. Someone said to me that a vitamin c boost is an excellent help when on chemo so i have been drinking loads of orange juice and having the odd vitamin supplement.

Take a deep breath, sod the housework, just concentrate on your babies.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow.


Hi C

Gaynor is right…sod the housework!! Have you heard of Home-Start? It’s a voluntary organisation and they support family’s with children under 5. I used to be a volunteer before this bloody cancer came along. They will help with practical things ie housework, shopping etc or they look after your little ones to allow you to have some ‘me’
time. It’s just a thought…

Take care

Angela x

I understand how you are feeling - I am in similar situation myself.

I have had 2 FEC and after each cycle, I was hospitalised because of low neutrophils. Just like you I have the G-CSF jab after my 2nd chemo, but still had to spend time in the hospital - the difference this time is that my stay is shorter, 3 nights instead of 7 nights after the 1st chemo. When I was admitted to the hospital my neutrophils was 0.01! Had the IV antibiotics, put on IV saline because of low blood pressure too.

My next chemo will be on 7th on Nov - and I am praying hard that this time round there will be no hospital stay!