So glad I found this group!

I’ve been on the subreddit r/breastcancer for a while, and it’s mostly people asking whether their dimpled/ lumpy/ painful/ swollen breast means they have breast cancer or not. I posted a cry for help when they found my mets and there was stony silence - I don’t think people want to face the fact that 30% of all BC becomes MBC.

It’s been great reading through some of your posts - they resonate so many of my feelings and experiences since my diagnosis. CancerCureInMyLifetime!

Hi and welcome to our forum. I’m guessing from your (user) name that you are in USA? If you are you are still more than welcome, we already have members from across the pond and elsewhere around the world. I’m just letting you know as although the treatments available  are pretty much the same they can be called by different names and also, in the UK, we often don’t have access to some of the treatments as we don’t generally fund  them ourselves. 

But you’re right, we’re all still in the same boat and we all understand how we all feel and the worries we all have. I was so glad when I found this part of the forum many years ago when I was first diagnosed with mets. At last I had found a group of ladies dealing with the very different stage of breast cancer that I now had. Even though the treatments can be the same as with primary BC the whole impact on your life, mental state, relationships is all so different. The reason I have stayed with this forum for so long is  I feel it is very real, no scare stories or statistics just the everyday experiences, advice and support from ladies in a similar place, who totally understand the impact of secondary BC. I hope you also find this support and once you get the results back from your biopsy (I see you’ve had one on another thread) you will know what treatment you will be having and find any support you need.

Good luck

Nicky x