So I looked at my surgery scar

After dressing change yesterday today was the day my dressing could come off (9 days post op) and I have to say despite me feeling the need to pass out at a paper cut or wobbly tooth normally I am pleasently surprised. It is so neat and although my boob is black and blue still it is no where near as bad as I expected in fact I am so pleased with it I have shown my mom, my dad, my daughter and 2 friends who have visited. I did offer to show my 20 year old son but he declined my offer lol perhaps that was a step to far x


I didn’t have dressings, and have taken a photo every day.  I was going to offer to let you see it yesterday, but thought that might make you more panicky.

Bless you pecan thanks for the thought but I would have said no lol xx

Now my dressing gone the lower half of my nipple is very blue and I thought it was fading quite a nice shade of blue to be fair ?

I went to nurse at doctors my hubby had volunteered to do it but I had a total meltdown x op was Tuesday dressing change 1 was the following Friday then change 2 was the following Wednesday so 8 days after surgery and the nurse at the doctors took off sterastrips she then put the dressing back on but was allowed to take it off Thursday which was day 9 (img as if this was only yesterday) today it still looks really good. The nurse soaked the steratips before removing them if in doubt see if you can get an appointment with s nurse st your doctors xx

Wonder if it depends on size of surgery my tumour was 37mm and they took lymph nodes through same incision unless different surgeons use different methods x I had internal dissolving and sterastrip on outside What was yours Debbie ? X

I requested no dressings as I react badly to the sticky stuff.

Sue - I can’t remember if I saw your results.  Did you have node involvement?

Results on 23rd but scan prior to surgery indicated no involvement but some removed for checking xx
37mm tumour told grade 2 both oestrogen and progesterone positive from core biopsy at mammogram if tests come back no lymph involvement wil be rads followed by tablets for 10 years x

So glad you are healing well Michelle and my nipple almost back to normal ? So you don’t need to feel left out ??

Glad it’s not just me with the memory of a goldfish ?I have to write everything’s down xx

I have a folder with all my letters etc in and I have added a piece of paper and wrote a comment on how I felt on receiving each letter as quite often my emotions are foggy for want of abetter word x

Not sure how this spoiler tag works.  Let’s see.  Blue nipple.  Do not open if you think it may offend you.

<li-spoiler><img src=“/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/4648i1F4C31D6A2AF1467/image-size/original?v=1.0&px=-1” alt=“nipple1.jpg” title=“nipple1.jpg” border=“0”></li-spoiler>


Pecan mine is a similar colour but only a very small amount on the bottom half of my nipple yours is defineyly bluer x

Hi Debbie has your nurse called back yet x isn’t it horrible how we now just always assume the worse ?X

several ladies have mentioned cording but I am not sure what it is x hope doc appointment goes okay x

That’s a relief Debbie now you know it’s nothing sinister hope you feel better soon x