So I'll be going in for surgery on the 26th . . .

. . . Dr said Biopsy results showed Benign Papilloma a week ago but today i had a letter through the door, a copy of the letter the hospital has sent to my G.P and apparently my lump is M3 U3 indeterminate :(. Now i know that this means it could still end up being benign but there are no guarantees right? Maybe they detected possible Atypical Hyperplasia which i know isn’t cancer but more worrying? This is why the hospital said it needed to be removed, not just because my lump is growing and may hurt more but because they need to take a closer look :(. The operation has also been moved forward. It was originally a 4-6 week wait. I’ll be going in for op on fri 26th now which is good news but i worry that maybe they noticed something on the biopsy after i talked with them. . . So I’ll be having surgery and wil be agonisingly waiting for more results. Feeling low :frowning:

It is awful to not know, Loopy. The different possibilities that go through one’s head is mind-boggling. I cannot comment on what they have found with you as I am in the dark about that. You seem well informed of the facts. It is the guessing that is doing one’s head in. I just wanted to offer my understanding and a cyber hug. Do try to keep those thoughts positive (says me who has my own personal battle to do the same) as it still much more likely to be told it is benign, judging by the odds I have seen online. Xx

Thanks Lizzie. Sorry you are going through this also. I know i’m not the only one. It’s just good to be here with you guys (hugs to u) xx

Hi Loopy

I had lumps in both breasts and on my diagnosis sheet, the one that was benign was described as M2 U2 cyst while the cancerous one said invasive ductal carcinoma. I asked the surgeon what the M2 U2 meant and she said that it meant that it was benign so I would think that it’s more than likely to be benign.

I know the uncertainty is worrying and your mind runs riot (at least mine does!) but try not to worry until you get the results. xx