So it’s official

Was given my results this morning and it’s breast cancer
Biopsy found it it breast and also under my arm
CT scan tomorrow and meeting oncologist on Thursday. CT scan results on Friday
They have said they will do chemotherapy for 5 sessions (they think) operate and then radiology
No mention though of type of cancer or anything else for that matter
Is this right, I thought I would have been given more information today

Welcome to the forum.
Sorry that you’ve found yourself here.
I would have thought they could be more specific at this stage, but maybe they are waiting for the ct scan first.
It is the worse time, because you just want to know what the treatment will be.
Please come and chat whenever you want.
Sue xx

Hello minniem 

yes sorry you find yourself here but welcome. 

It sounds like your appointments are coming through quite quickly, I know it doesn’t make any waiting time any easier. I felt like I was climbing the walls waiting from one appointment to another. 

A friend of mine who went through this 9 years ago advised me to write down any question or thought in a little book and then it would act as a reminder to ask the questions at your next appointment. It did help to remind me as I was just sitting there nodding and not really being able to concentrate. There is so much to take in at the time but just ask the questions or phone your breast care nurse.  I wish you all the best through your journey and just ask any questions you may have , the ladies on here are fanatastic full of advice and just a friendly understanding person is what you need. 

Big hugs xxxx