so low today

so low today

so low today I am feeling so low today
First chemo last Thursday and thought i was coping well
Was ok this morning but since lunch have been feeling and being sick. Heartburn is agony and just want to cry and cry
Have been diagnosed with secondaries in hip which is devastating for me -had thought would have the treatment for breast cancer then move on (folly i now know)
Scalp is tingling so i know hair loss is imminent
Just want to cry and cry -my breast nurse called me today and i couldn’t talk as i was so sick. My best friend doesn’t know what to say to me.

Sorry this is a real pitty post but feel i have hit rock bottom and just dont know how to pick myself up

Dear Julie I am sorry to read that you are feeling so low, please do not hesitate to contact our helpline for support to help you through this difficult time. The number is 0808 800 6000 and it is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm. The helpliners are either breast care nurses or have experience of breast cancer so will have an understanding of how you are feeling at the moment and can talk to you about our other support services which you may find helpful.

Kind regards
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Hi Julie

poor you, well youve come to the right place to have a winge, most of us know how you feel and have been through the chemo so know how bl**dy horrible and sickly you must be feeling.
There is no instant pick me ups but your doing the right thing by crying it out, get it out of your system and then maybe you can start to feel how you did when you wrote your profile, you said your going to beat this and you will but you need to get fighting Julie back, and the way your going to do that is by thinking of your son, it worked for me, you have a reason to get of the bottom.
Try and speak to your BC about getting something for heartburn, there must be something to help you, you dont have to suffer, there’s tablets for everything now.
oh and get your best friend to bring you over a big bar of chocolate, better than s*x apparently.

take care


So sorry you are feeling down

Please tell your bcn that you are feeling so unwell, they can change your anti sickness meds for you, they can do alot about that so dont continue to suffer.

I’m so sorry you got the double whammy of primary and secondary bc all at once. There are many great women here you are facing the same things, and I know they will all help as much as poss.

When and if you fell like it, your hospital could offer you some help, someone to talk things through with, I did this thro chemo and it helped me so much, also had lorazapam for the anciety, that got me thro too!

also I would say that being really upset is a pretty reasonable way to feel given whats happened, and dont beat yourself up too much if thats how you are feeling. Give yourself a break, try to sort out your anti sickness meds and get thro one day at a time- chemo is hard work but you will get thro it


Hi Julie

You poor thing. I only finished my chemo in March so can easily identify with the way you are feeling.

I suffered terrible indigestion and was prescribed Omeprazole…it worked brilliantly. Please don’t suffer alone…tell your bc nurse or onc…they’ll give you things for the side-effects.

Take care
Annie x

So Low Today HI Julie

Here is a hug.

Sorry you are feeling so low.

Don’t beart yourself up. You find yourself in a horrible situation and my heart goes out to you. This isn’t your fault.

Have you thought of Peer Support through Breast Cancer Care it is really good. They try and find someone who is going through or ha been through what you are and they phone you up and talk to you.

Thinking of you.


Hi Jools - may the force be with you Hi Jools

I’m so sorry to hear about your secondary in your hip and that you are feeling low about chemo. I’m due to have further surgery to remove lymph nodes in my armpit and then start chemo. So then I’ll know how you feel with the chemo.

I can’t imagine how you must be feeling but they say laughter is good therapy and red wine. You sound like you are a fighter like me and you have so much to live for. You gotta keep on crying though to let some pressure out. I’ve been trying to be brave too and it wears you out!

Based on what I’ve read from others in this group you not only have your own inner force but you have the force of this group behind you. An army of positivity is there for you, me and others like us.

So in the words of Obe Wan Kenobi (but imagine its Ewan McGregor much sexier than Alec Guiness) Use the power of the force and may the force be with you.

I’m sending a hug to you :slight_smile:

Keep in touch

Ginger Smurfette

How are you today? Hi Julie,

just wondering if you are feeling any brighter today? I know exactly how you are feeling with regard to wanting to cry, cry, cry! I had my second epi last week and had a good time on the first so was hopeful. This time though it has hit me much harder and I’ve found I’ve become very emotional. My hair finally came out a few days ago and I think thats what triggered it off. Having the chemo to deal with is enough and I really feel for you having secondaries, this must’ve come as a terrible blow.

It is difficult to pick yourself up sometimes isn’t it? I’m sure many of us have found there are days when we wonder why we should even bother making the effort to get out of bed. Chemo is hard work and I don’t know about you but I just long to feel ‘normal’ again. Not fuzzy headed, tired or queasey.

When you get a chance speak to one of your chemo team about the anti-sickness meds they have prescribed. Perhaps they need some adjustment? I still feel a little sick at times and have taken to wearing travel bands which I got from boots. You can wear them all day and night if needs be, and it may just be psychological but they definately seem to work for me. I have also found ginger biscuits and dry dinger ale quite helpful this time round.

I really hope today is a much better day for you. Take care and let us know how you are doing,


still struggling well i am still struggling
Still haven’t kept anything down food or drink wise since yesterday morning -tried every suggestion
Phoned BC nurse and hospital to be told that these are just side effects and will soon pass - When???
I feel my husband is getting so frustrated with me cos He expects the worse to be over by now when I can’t even get off the sofa.
Not feeling so low as yesterday though and have been given some sleeping tablets to take tonigh -TV at 3.30 am is not to be recommended!


Still Struggling Hi Julie

You are going to get through this. Every day is different. One day you are up the next day you are down.

Yesterday you were really down and today not quite so. Every slight improvement will make a small difference.

Hugs and thinking of you.


I have posted this for new user, Alex

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First a big hug to you :slight_smile:

You will get through this however hard you find it now - after my first chemo (FEC) last Oct I didn’t think I could go through another one, but I did - and had the 6th (taxotere) in Feb. I was taking 4 antisickness tablets, lansoprazole for heartburn and temazepam to help me sleep. It took me about a week before I’d feel ‘normal’ again - but everyone is different. Give yourself time to get over the chemo - it can take days for your body to break it down so you will feel rubbish for a bit. Dont expect too much and dont try to do too much. Chemo affects your entire body and it needs to repair itself, however slowly it takes. Be prepared for a day when you may feel totally exhausted, not able to do anything - by the evening you will get your strength back - I think this correlates to a big dip in blood count.

(if you are taking dexamethasone this can cause insomnia and the effects can last for 7-10 days - this is why I took sleeping tablets as I was also wide awake in the middle of the night).

A few more days and you’ll be getting back to normal - however unlikely it seems.

Alex xx