Just venting after watching and reading all the news articles today, suggesting that most cancers are due to lifestyle and environmental factors! We have enough to deal with without inference that we did this to ourselves! I am slim, fit, eat healthily,exercise regularly,don’t smoke, late periods, early menopause (meant to be protective!)  don’t tick the boxes, and yet I did this to myself, the mind boggles!

I agree but it is ONE study so why the media are banging on about it I don’t know. Hidden agenda maybe? - if it’s our own fault maybe NHS shouldn’t pay for expensive treatment - would suit the Govt wouldn’t it!  ANYWAY - we can’t control environmental factors so can’t be all our fault. Like you I felt I was doing all the right things to stay healthy - and even breast fed both of my babies for over 1 year so thought my risk really low !  I still feel it’s pretty random and we don’t need any more reasons to beat ourselves up. xxx