so painful

I have a becker implant after immediate recon and have just had the implant filled for the 5th time, I am experiencing an enourmous amount of pain. On the other occasions it has been fine and the last one although painful was bearable, this time though it is far worse. My shoulder, chest area and back are so sore I am having trouble sleeping and cannot get comfortable my arm also feels very heavy and restless.
Is this normal. I am not sure if I want to go ahead with it now and wish I was far better informed before going ahead. Can anyone offer any hope.

Hi Anne, I hope you are feeling better now. I have only just seen your message as I have been in having my expander taken out and replaced with a permanent implant. If it is any consolation, I started to have second thoughts when it was too late, but I am glad I went ahead. The second op was nothing like the first and I feel much better already. It was only done on Wednesday afternoon, and I was home by Friday. I know someone who felt they had put too much saline in, and they were able to take some out again easily. I am sure you have it all sorted by now though.
Take care

Hi Anne

I too like Heidicat have just read this message, dont know how so many people have missed it, people on here are usually very good at answering comments like this with great support…

I had the same op in Feb the implant at present drives me mad it is heavy cumbersum and I cant get comfortable either at night and wonder if I will ever be able to sleep on that side again, but I have seen the new one that I will get next Feb and it is much much softer and like the ones that people have as boob job’s so judging by the ammount of people having boob job’s for the sake of it and they don’t say anything about them being uncomfotable, then I am asuming that once it is replaced things will get much better…