so scared about appointment

Hello, I recently had a blood test (1st July) and had a check on my boobs as felt painful. Nothing was felt but possibly cysts. i returned on 8th for ultra sound and nothing could be seen on the ultra sound. When i went for the ultrasound i found out that I had an apponinment already booked in for 22nd july. i am getting very worried about this. Is something wrong with my blood results or ultrasound ? Iam terrified i could have secondaries ? Please help.

rachy xxx

Dear rachy7

I am sorry you are so worried. I am sure other forum members will soon be along to offer support. Please remember that you can also phone our Helpline to talk through your fears, and for information and support. They will be open at 9.00am tomorrow. 0808 800 6000

Very best wishes

BCC Facilitator

Hi Rachy

I am sorry you are worried too. What prompted the blood test? Have you been feeling unwell or did the doctor recommend it? If you already had an appointment for the 22nd before you had your ultrasound, it can’t be because they saw something on the ultrasound and as you say, it looked normal? Therefore, are they reviewing the results of the blood test? Is so, it could be anything as there is so much to detect in a blood sample, other than cancer. It would also seem that three weeks after a test for the results doesnt ring of urgency, which would be more likely if they had found something serious? I went through a similar panic a few weeks ago when I was sent for a chest xray and heart scan, and even though my logical head said that it would be ok, (which is was) I couldnt help worrying that maybe not.

thanks cathy for your reply. I asked for a blood test as still so tired despite being nearly two years after finishing treatment. I havn’t lost weight but put lots on and have been struggling with my hormone therapy since i started on it in 2008. i did insist on a cholestrol test as armidex raised it and my dad had high cholestrol. Could be that i suppose.

Rachy xx

Hi Rachy

It could be that or other conditions that may make you tired, such as thryoid problems or anaemia. Or it may be that they just want to get you back for a routine review without there being anything wrong. I would be very surprised if they have a result back which indicates something serious and they are just waiting around for three weeks. I work in a dental hospital where oral cancer is unfortunately diagnosed. If a test result comes back that shows something wrong, we ring up the patient and the consultant or registrar speaks to them personally and asks them to come in ASAP. It is never left hanging around for three weeks. So try not to worry, hopefully there may be an answer why you feel so tired, not connected to cancer.

Hi Rachy

No experience but just letting you know I’m here and sending a big hug!

I’m away next week but will be thinking of you and I’m only a phone call away.

lots of love

Katie x x x

Thanks Katie for your support. How did your op go ? Hope you are feeling better. I am trying not to worry too much now and thinking of applying for a job closer to home (down the road in fact !)Will try and focus on that instead.

love Rachy xxx

I’m feeling fine thanks Rachy, bit bloated tis all now. Have found that white wine and lemonade, whilst not the one glass of red wine on the official diet, is an excellent anesthetic!

It’s horrid how the worries just pop right in to your brain isn’t it? As you know I hate waiting and I’m sure that doesn’t help the anxiety. I think you’re doing the right thing by focusing on that new job (all fingers and toes crossed!) but I mean it I’m always here.

love Katie x x x

Hi Rachy

2 years down the road and I still feel pretty tired, I feel like my body belongs to an 80 odd year old instead of one aged 52 LOL.

I do have hypothyroidism, diagnosed 6 months ago so am now taking Thyroxine every day, this was shown up in a blood test with the TSH level, so maybe ask your doctor about that.

I also haven’t been able to lose weight since that I put on during chemo, particularly my belly and legs - maybe that is just part and parcel of the treatment, maybe because I feel tired I don’t exercise as much as I should, it’s a vicious circle.

Anyway. the very best of luck with your appointment and I’ll be sending cyber hugs.

P xx

Thank you all for your support over my worry !! I had a phone message left by the surgoen’s secretary yesterday when I was at work. Cue mass panic and going home early. Rang today and everything is FINE !!! I am concerned that everytime i have a worry like this my imagination goes into overtime. I feel sick, shaky and can’t cope. This is what i find so difficult abut living with bc. Don’t know the answer. I am nearly 2 years on from finishing treatment.

Rachy xxx