So scared about returning to work,

Hi Folks

I have been off work since June after having a WLE on the right and full reconstruction on both sides, plus 25 sessions of rads. These finished on 3rd Sept I had given myself 3 weeks to get over rads then planned to go back to work on 23rd Sept. However, as the time drew near I still felt rough so put it off for a couple of weeks. I am lucky to be going back on a phased return (50% of hours for first couple of weeks increasing to full time within 6 weeks).

As my return is approaching again, assuming my GP will sign me off, I am getting anxious. Not only have there been staff reductions since I went off, my boss will have been made redundant on the Friday before I return on the Monday. I will have a new boss (who i do know) but worry about the lack of handover of my dept whilst I have been off. It’s all change so I don’t know what to expect. But I’m big and brave so I’m sure I’ll cope…

My biggest fear is that I think I may have lost my confidence in my body. I don’t know what to wear any more. My boobs have reduced by 2 sizes and I’m struggling to come to terms with the effects this has had on my overall shape. I have been fine whilst I’ve been off work and I haven’t needed to look in the mirror in clothes. I am happy with my new breast shape but it makes me bottom heavy now when I’ve been used to being a bit top heavy! My belly seems a lot fatter and sticks out further which makes me feel fatter. I’m sure I’m not but that’s how it looks now. I didn’t think it would be an issue when the surgeon told me I would look different from the side but now I see what she means. I feel that my clothing style that I have worn all these years no longer fits and I am looking in my wardrobe going aaarrrggghh! Nothing will do any more and what am I going to do about being presentable for work? I would like to go on a spending spree but don’t have the money. And even if I did I wouldn’t know what to buy

I just want to hide under my duvet and go nowhere! Help?



 I know exactly how you feel. I am due to go back to work too soon my doctors note runs out Oct. I have had a mx node clearance chemo and rads. I will be having a reconstruction but have been told it  will be March at  the earliest. I have to wear my prosthesis and be wary of tops that show anything when bending! Im not sure at all about returning to work yet, I have suffered lots of side effects from anastrozole so have been changed to exemestrane (aromasin). Side effects have improved slightly but still stiff thumb and wrists area and legs (which do loosen up as the day goes on) as long as I dont sit for too long! Hot flushes have got worse on this drug day and night. My job is very physical so not sure how I will get on but can but try it.I wish you all the best and hope things go well for you. Take Care x