so scared im a mess

just had planning done oncolgist was honest said 50 50 my survival how can i live knownin this im a mess 

Hi Jinny, I’m so sorry you’re in this awful place. I remember asking my oncologist the statistics and she there was no point going into it as it didn’t matter what they came out as,you either fell into the good group or the bad and statistics can’t tell us which one that will be. I took a lot of comfort from that because she’s right. I’m nearly 3 years from diagnosis now and I don’t pay attention to statistics anymore, not like I did when I was first diagnosed, you’ll get to that point too. In the meantime, give the help desk a ring,they saved my sanity in the early days and try and keep your chin up, it does get better, I promise. Take care CC

HI Jinny


I know youv sent me a private message but thought I would  reply hear so others can hopefully feel a little more possitive about being triple negative.


Im sorry to hear how your feeling, I know I have been in that very very scary place to, as ive said before I had a awful prognosis when I was diagnosed in June 2006…over 8 years ago. I was triple negative with all of my lymph nodes possitive 2 tumours and also had spread in nodes above my clavicle, my appointments with 

My oncologist were always doom and gloom and I couldnt see a future at all, I used to take myself off to the bathroom and cry my heart out, thinking of my 2 daughters coming to terms with me not being here, I was terrified, as you are.


The only thing that makes you move on is time, thats all I can suggest really and I know thats not much help, but with each day that goes by it starts to get a little easier, its very small steps but in time you will not think about it every minute of the day.


I sometimes look back and think about certain doctors a saw that told me basically id be lucky not to have secondarys, and it makes me angry that they give me this information and ruined the early years after my treatment had ended, as I kept thinking about all the negative things they had said, and I wasted them years worrying… they dont know whats going to happen…and thats what they should say !.


You havnt been diagnosed with secondarys and you could very well be ok, and in 8 years sending a post like this one, to someone else who is as scared as you…


Triple negative can reapond amazingly to chemotherapy, I know a few ladies still going years and years down the line thats hav had tnb with poss lymph nodes.


Try not to go on loads of websites , the info is sometimes outdated and scary as hell… hope ive helped a little…small steps forward, youl get there xxxx








linros - how wonderful your response to the chemo. I love to hear good news stories. Thank you.


Jinny - you are an individual, statistics are based on old data. Hang in there; as linros says, you need time to come to terms with your diagnosis and you’ll start to feel better once you’re underway with treatment to zap the little blighters.


Best wishes.