So Scared

Posted on behalf of new user Katie, Jo Facilitator


I really don’t know who else to talk to about this and the worry is making me sick (not eating, not sleeping- which probably isn’t helping). I have lots of lumps in my breasts as I had silicone implants 15 years ago- I’m only 34 now and had them done really young. I wasn’t too worried about the lumps as was previously told that it was scar tissue from the implants and also had bening cysts in my 20’s but now I have a swelling and soreness on my chest, I have now conviced myself this is cancer, as what the hell else could it be. I have an appointment next Thursday but don’t know how to cope until then. I’m only 34 and a single mother to a 4 year old. Have stopped smoking months ago but now had loads as only thing to stop me shaking.

oh bless u, u sound so scared. Have u tried ringing the helpline on here, they’re very good & it may help u if u need someone to talk to. You’ve done the right thing by getting it checked out but i know it seems a long time to wait. The waiting really is the pits & we’ve all worried like mad during that time. Remember most lumps are benign & there could be any number of reason why u have a swelling/soreness.
Keep posting if u need to, we’ll always listen, take care x

Thank you so much for your message. I just phoned the helpline and the lady was truly amazing, so re-assuring. I’m just going to try and keep calm until my appointment and hope that it is more than likely a problem with my old silicone implants. It is so good to know though that other people worry and go through the same thing. What a wonderful service

so glad u feel a bit better & that u rang the helpline, they really are brilliant at keeping u calm & helping keep ur fears under control. Good luck with ur appt next thurs,pls let us know how u get on x