so scared :(

Well last sunday i found a lump in the top of my right breast :frowning: I managed to get into the doctors the very next day (monday) and was quite happy to see the doctor as i imagined she was going to tell me it was nothing and not to worry, well how wrong was i? She seemed very chatty and then she examined me and i dont know if im being paranoid but the mood seem to change. She told me to get dressed and we “would have a little chat”? She went on to say she could feel something and that id done the right thing in going to see her, and she would be refering me asap to a breast clinic. She said that i had some swelling under my arm too which i have had since i had my children i think? She has really worried me because she said “you have age on your side and you have no history of bc in your family” as i am 33. I am petrified, my appoint ment is on monday 26th and it cant come quick enough. Her face changed from being friendly to very very serious. My question is am i too young for bc? and if i am why send me to a clinic? Does she know but just couldnt say?? I dont feel ill or anything so surely this is a mistake? im sorry to go on and on i just dont know where to turn, this waiting is tourture :frowning: I have read so many of your posts and i feel so sorry for people who are having to wait for these appointments its just awful.

Hi Lucie, The wait is horrendous, take it from all of us in this Forum. I have had my appoinment with biopsy and ultrasound and they said everything is ok, but I still have the lump, that appears to be getting bigger. As women we are born worrier’s. I have a follow up in 8 weeks. I will keep my fingers crossed for u that all is ok xxxx

Hi Lucieloo1 - you did exactly the right thing by going to your gp and she was absolutely right in referring you - some gp’s turn younger women away! Ring the helpline on here it is brilliant and they will talk you through the process and explain things in detail - 90% of people referred to breast clinics are found to have simple cysts or nothing at all - its probably nothing and as your gp says your age and family history are on your side - They will do ultrasound and maybe a biopsy some clinics have a one stop service so you get the results the same day, others you may have to wait a week or so for results, as emma says the waiting is the worst. i am sure you will be fine - let us know how you get on xxx

thanks for replies, its nice to know you are not on your own. I have tried to talk to my husband but he can only say its ok so many times i suppose. If i had not of found this site i think i would have gone mad. Emma 8 weeks is so unfair hun, i hope everything is good for you and the 8 wweeks goes quick for you. Saffronseed can they tell from a scan if something doesnt look right or do they have to do a biopsy?? i am terrified of needles :frowning: it is just getting worse, i did not realise i could ring thanks for that info. I will be back definatley to let you know how things go and hopefully help people like myself with the waiting agony xx

Hi lucie-sorry about your situation but like another poster said 9 out of 10 times theres nothing to worry about.
In my case my tumour was clear on both mammogram and ultrasound-they then did a core biopsy which confirmed it. The results were given me within a week.

Your GP would not have been able to tell what your lump is just by examining it and all GP’s have to refer to Breast Clinics when lumps are found.

Please remember that the stats are on your side but I would agree that the waiting is so hard-good luck and let us know how you get on x

Hi Lucieloo, when I went they could pretty much tell from the ultrasound - they were very matter of fact about it - told me there were 3 lumps, that 2 in Left looked dodgy and one in Right prob nothing. They immediately did biopsies on all 3. I also hate needles and anything medial (have been known to faint when they take my blood pressure!!) and I have to say that once I had calmed down from the shock of what they said it wasn’t actually too bad, they gave me a small local anaesthetic for each one and talked thoruhg exactly what they were doing.

My advice would be make sure you go with someone so you have someone to be with you after and get you home, I went on my own as my partner was away and and they had to ring my friend to collect me (I think she was almost more shocked to get a call saying I needed collecting from hospital, esp since it’s the Marsden so it was obviously something cancery, than I was by the probable diagnosis!)
Try not to worry too much and Good Luck!

I think they can tell from the ultra scan if its definately not cancer and will tell you straight away but if there is any doubt at all (and that doesn’t mean it definately is) they will do a biopsy to double check as by looking at the cells in the path lab they can be certain one way or another. As Zuzy says try and get someone to go with you - I went on my own too - and it is nice to have someone to chat to during/after. Sometimes they are able to give an indication whether they feel it is or not - but then you do have to wait for the results and that is the worst part to be honest - your mind goes into overdrive and you think ‘the worst’. Don’t google or look for your own diagnosis - you may end up frightening yourself even more - as I said 90% of referrals are found not to be cancer but its best to get a referral and get it sorted either way - so fingers crossed for you and good luck xxx

Hugs lucy, 33 must be the magic number :wink: I’m 33 and waiting for my appointment on Tuesday. It’s been a long agonising wait, but the end (the appointment is in sight). I’ve prepared myself for the worst case scenario as much as I can without knowing, if you see what I mean. I stopped googling, but have followed the forum during the wait and feel privileged to have read some truly inspirational things.

Thank you all for your replies, it is helping me being able to ask questions and be reaasured that everything is going to be fine. I keep checking myself too and think i have lost the lump and i have imagined it, it feels really weird, i have never touched my breasts until now and im constantly messing with them now. lol Is anybody else finding they are doing this? I have a busy weekend ahead so should go quickly now and i hope anybody who is waiting now your time flies too. Can i please ask one more question and the reason i a m askiing is because im not really thinking straight at the min, as i also have an operation on tuesday :frowning: but the doctor must have felt somthing too right? I keep thinking that doctor may have not felt anything but just being cautious? i am sorry for keep asking questions but im in a real mess and next week with my appointment on monday and operation tuesday just seems so complicated. I am so sorry to all the ladies too that are waiting for results or being diagnosed as my problems are nothing to those i just need someone to talk too.

Well tomorrow is the day, longest week of my life!!

Hi Lucieloo, I just had my call back to the Breast clinic and had to have a triple assessment with a guided core biopsy - they will probably just do a mammogram at this visit and if they find anything on that, call you back again. I know it’s so easy to say not to worry because that is what everyone says to me and it doesn’t help whatsoever.

I see you are scared of needles but IF (you don’t know yet) that you have to undergo a biopsy my one piece of advise would be to relax as much as possible and close your eyes, that is what I did and I didn’t feel a thing, just a tiny pinch when they put the general anaesthetic in.

I wish you the best of luck. I get my results on Tuesday and worried sick too.

That should be local and not general anaesthetic oops heh. :smiley:

hey ccduerden thanks for explaining that to me, so yet more waiting ahead? i hope your results are fine hun, will be thinking of you xx

Good luck lucieloo. it wont be as bad as you expect, they explain the biopsy as you go, you have already learnt so much for all the great ladies on here, keep writing whatever you feel you need to, its helped me so much since august this year.
anne xxx

Thanks Lucie, I had the call back appointment on Thursday and was meant to wait a week but they have pushed it forward to Tuesday - so not too long to go. I will keep you informed of the prognosis and you just take one step at a time, i.e. first the mammogram and then see if you get a call back. I will be thinking about you with my fingers crossed.

Cheryl x

thank u amd66. this website is a god send. :slight_smile: i will report tomorrow too hopefully with good news :slight_smile:

Thinking of you Lucieloo. To be honest once you know what you are dealing wih you can move on. The waiting is the hardest part.
be brave and remember there is always someone to talk to here
kay x

have not slept a wink :frowning:

Thinking of you hope all goes ok. I have an appointment at breast clinic next Monday and jus want to get it over now. I had BC 14 years Argo and the waiting is just the worst x x

Hi Lucieloo,
Hope it goes ok today and my thoughts are with as ~I am waitingXX