So scared.

Hey so I’ve been breast feeding my now 2.5 year old she always favoured the right breast leaving my left one to often get mastitis … i noticed a few lumps just before christmas so went to gp and she felt and said most likely mastitis advised me to stop feeding so they could feel my normal bresst tissue not feeding tissue i also got put onto antibiotics and told to wait a few weeks and come back if still concerned. I finished the  course and still feel the lumps. So i went back to gp today and seen a different doctor I explained to her i get a burning sensation all over the booband stabbing pain towards my nipple area she felt and said lumpy and wants to send me for a scan. Breast cancer runs in my family and im so scared. Ive since today noticed 2 of the lumps feel very differenr than the others. Im 26 years old and terrified 



You have done the right thing by going to your GP and them referring you to get this checked out.


It is a worrying time and nothing anyone can say will make this waiting easier for you but try to distract yourself until you have your appointment.  Try to keep in mind that breast clinics do not only deal with breast cancer as there are other benign breast conditions.


Sending you hugs


Helena xx

Hiyer, I guess you are still waiting for your appointment at the clinic as you posted a week ago (unless you’ve been lucky and been seen really quickly). I do hope you are bearing up ok, and do come back and post if you feel you’d like to.