So that's my surgery over

So after a long drama filled day my surgery is over. Phew.
Checked in at 7.30, met the nurses, anthesetist, surgeon etc, send down for the guide wire to be put in with ultrasound to find there was no lump to be found!! Radiologist said after searching and searching you may not get your op today. Great I thought woohoo I was dreaming after all, but no senior radiologist came to find the missing lump this very unusual she said you may have to go to Aberdeen for a marker to be put in with MRI guidance. However after much deliberation with the surgeon they came up with a plan to take further biopsies and fine needle aspiration and get the results back from pathology after an hour. 11 am by this time.
Then got the call to go back for results which came back positive so guide wire was put in for surgery at 2pm.
So apparently I am unique ( well I knew that anyway lol).
So I am all blue, beautiful coloured pee. Not nearly so bad as I expected but guess the bruising will come out over next few days. Now for the results to 'look forward ’ to on 15th.
Glad today is over now for a nice sleep.
Carole x

Hi Carole, glad your op is over, sounds like a very long day, but you got there in the end. Now rest up and don’t do too much too soon. Xxpb

Hi Carole


Glad to hear your op is over after your long day.  I was at hospital for 15 hrs until 10.00pm at night when I had my WLE and SNB so know how it feels


Rest and take care


Jaye x