So tired and fed up

It’s nearly been a week since my first chemo… Heavy eyes n foggy head have been a problem over the weekend, keep crying cuz feel so fed up… And it’s only my first time , then feel even more fed up as I’m letting it get to me.
I’m a single mum, lots of great friends helping out since day one but I feel alone at the same time x just thought I’d type my feelings out xxx

Hi Annapanda

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Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Annapanda


Truly sorry that you are having a rough time of it :smileysad:. I’m not single but even I felt really alone and had many a good cry. When you are in the thick of it all and you feel vile, time seems to go so very slowly, you think the treatment will never come to an end and you just can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel - but it is there, I promise. Remember that chemo is destroying all the ‘nasty stuff’ for you.You will get through this. I am glad that you have lots of good friends helping you out. Chemo is a bit like childbirth - it is tough but the memory of the discomfort does fade in time. I am a year on from start of treatment and I can tell you truthfully that I feel wonderful now. I am sure that you will feel wonderful too eventually. Have faith honeybun :smileyhappy: 

Hi Anna, 


I am having my first chemo session next Thursday 30th July.  I hope as the days go by you will feel a bit better.  I would be happy to share my journey with you once i start.  I too have friends and family around me but I dont think it is the same as having people around you that know how it feels.


Having read a lot about chemo on this forum and the side effects, it does seem to vary with each person what symptoms they have and how bad they are.  However, everyone says that it does get better and how you feel one day may not be how you will feel a couple of days later.


I guess we just need to have a good cry when we need to, share our feelings on this forum and then pick ourselves up and look forward to the end of our treatment and being well again.


I will probably be writing on forum myself next week when I will need the same encouragement from all you lovely ladies.


Sending you best wishes and a big hug.




Sandra x

Hi ladies, thank you so much for your kind words xxx I woke up today with out the chemo hangover as I’m calling it!
So this week I’m smiling and Feeling a lot better I’ve already had ithe cancer removed so I know I’m very lucky in that way… So I’ve got the next two weeks to go enjoy summer with family and friends before chemo no2!
Sending you ladies love and hugs you are are amazing xxx

Annapanda so sorry to hear you were feeling so low. I noticed you’d replied to lamblite as I did on the headache issue. I’m deep in one now 2 days after 3rd round but luckily it did pass last time after 3 days . Good that you’ve got support around you but I know what you mean about feeling alone. It’s only you going through your own particular journey.My daughters grown up with a little girl of her own lives 60 miles away so only see her about firtnighyky

I think most people when they hear cancer go into shock.  Then as things slowly sink in your mind is all over the place and that makes you extremely tired.  Crying is a good release and don’t try and hold it in.  I went through stages sad, angry, why me, and around and around again.  I hid my feelings from my children and friends…that was a big mistake.  If you ever need to talk I am here for you!

Hi, I know exactly how you are feeling. I have had a dreadful tIme as 2 were aborted due to.the meds. Just keep saying, you will get through this, try everything it says, ice pops, cry if you have a nasty taste. Feelings of isolation are normal, keep coming on here or click on the source on macmillan website ring .a mill, just talk to someone. Come on we girls are strong we can do this. We done by typing g it out you can express yourself, keep reading it, ring a friend and talk. You will get through.