So tired

I feel a little guilty about coming on here again.  After all it is 20 months since my mastectomy and I didn’t have to go through other treatment like many people on here have.   I moved a year ago about 6 months after the op and this is the first Summer with a little garden for many years…so grateful for that.

But this is what I am worried about. 

I have been trying over the last few weeks to do things in the garden that I haven’t done for years as my health wasn’t tip-top before the diagnosis.  On Friday I cut the grass (not a big lawn but quite fiddly to do) and did some other bits and pieces and since then I have been flaked out.  Particularly today when I am aching and so tired that everything is such an effort…fatigue not tiredness I guess.  

When I have been weeding a little my hip does not take kindly to bending over nor being laid on and I imagine that is just about age, although I have never had the problem before.  So I find strategies for coping and sit and enjoy the trees instead.

Is this connected I wonder to the whole breast cancer thing or just me!

Do other people with only a mastectomy go on feeling so tired and achy?

Thank you for reading this



Hello Jenji,  I’m  very similar to you, and about 9 months ahead. I had Mx in Nov 2012. with later reconstruction,  and reduction to other side, i also avoided the chemo & rads. but was/still am extremeley tired at times. Its a strange feeling, just have to sleep sometimes. But it is getting better, or at least I am now able to manage it, Maybe talk to your BCN or local GP. I was lucky and went on a fatigue management course, which taught me ways of coping.mainly to pace myself.   I now limit myself to max of 2 hours gardening. or housework etc.  and take breaks if I need to do more. Mind you it could be old age with me… O and its not my hip but my back -which my GP said was old age-  degeneration of the spine.  But I happy to be here.   Hope this helps a little, Take Care,  Huggles, Jenny.


Hi iv just had a mastectomy in july no other treatment and have been great but over the last couple of days have odd few hours exhausted then ok again im assuming its all part of it