So what did you break this week?

Hi all

I wasn’t sure whether this should be under chit-chat and fun or chemotherapy …

but i have turned into a complete clutz

not only do I spill coffee everywhere - including other people’s houses but I halso broke the glass lid of my favorite pan and then dropped a bowl - been having a smashing time over here!

nearly dropped OH’s dinner - the cat looked a cross between hopeful and worried as it nerly landed on him but thankfully I managed to recover

have the feeling it might be the Tax …

anyone else ?

love FizBix xxx

hi had my last radiotherapy on wed afternoon so i thought i would do some baking of cakes for all the staff at the oncology unit. made first cake, placed both halves in the oven, they were rising lovely, pulled one tin out to check and some invisible person took it out of my hands and threw it on the floor!!! ok ill move on to second cake, same invisible person made my electronic scales just stop working!!!

Oh Fizbix, I still can’t believe this happened to me.
this morning my daughter took me out to a posh farm complex, lots of little shops and adorable tea shop. When we had finished eating,I pushed myself up and out of the chair [no strength] and I think my knee must have stiffened, [does that happen with chemo?] I fell down on to the floor scattering everything around me… soooo embarrassng.
Worse earlier I had being telling my daughter about the threads on this site including my night spent under the stool at the Dew Drop Inn. Trying to help me up she whispered " tell them to throw you out early next time". Well this made me laugh and laugh, I couldn’t get up for laughing. All the fears and worries of the past six months came out in delirious nonstop giggles.
The tea shop may not be happy but safe home I feel as if I have lost a weight off my shoulders!


am cackling… Margaret do you mean the farm thingie on the A5 north of weedon? if you do - well… i tripped over my own foot there in the kitchen shop and knocked everything over a few weeks back when i was lookign for a b’day present for a friend… i stood there amidst tumbling pans and said…i am so sorry … i’ll pay… and they were so embarrassed that bald woman fell they were going no, are you ok… do we need an ambualnce (umm no… i can trip over my own feet when not doing treatment!!!).

better still… i misread what your daughter said and thought you had written throw up early next time!!!

i do think this is a good place and it’s wonderful that so many different people come and talk. yes it is for fun mainly but the ethos is be comfortable and if you need to talk we all listen…

i am smiling…

Oh Rjenr, how funny two of us…next time we go they’ll have a sign “NO BALDIES”.

I agree with you about this site. It is so comforting and good to know that others always seem to have the encouragement and experience to help through the difficult times.

You two have made me laugh so much .Thank the lord for DDI thats what I say.

Drink anyone !!!


margaret - i have fluff now - only tiny bit but they won’t recognise me so i might hit saucepans dispaly on purpose!"!!!

A5 north of weedon? My Mother in law lives just off A5 - where’s Weedon? We are going down there sometime to catch up with OH’s family, and it would be nice to have somewhere to go where they understand the complexities of feminine baldness!

Mother in Law in Nuneaton

we are further south but not much further south!!

So, it would be A5 South of Nuneaton then. What’s the place called, if you don’t mind me asking

u mean me… i live in Rugby

cuppas available… so is booze depending who’s driving!!

hey…i’d even drive up to nuneaton !!

see if parent notices differnt bald woman!!

lol = OH may notice, but his mum doens’t pay much attention to anything, though the accent may be a giveaway! Nah - the farm complex place! We are trying to fit it in with various horse shows, lunches and other miscellaneous crap that seems to fill our lives…!

it’s a shopping complex… not a farming one… there may be one that i don’t know about…

lol Jen!!! I have farms on my brain and livestock shopping is the only type I enjoy - though I have decided to treat myself to a tractor when this is all over…with a paddock hoover to clean up horse poop (seeing as daughter doesn’t do as she promised and scoop the poops herself).

Sorry to butt in ladies, but I live near the said farm shop on the A5. Perhaps we could all meet up! How scary would that be. We would have to be on best behaviour or else would be barred from the nice cafe! Haven’t been chucked out of a cafe before!


oooh Cathy - you mean I could meet you too? My Mother in law would be gobsmacked if I said “I’m away to see my friends” seeing as I know nobody down there except OH’s family!

Hi Jen go and knock some more pans then i can ask for a huge discount from said shop!!!