So where do go from here - am I being paranoid?

I had this sore nipple since August last year, some clear fluid could be expressed, the areola gets really inflamed and tender as does my upper breast area. Then I could squeeze the tip of the nipple and a white oily type substance would come out, albeit a very small amount. After I would do this the nipple would tingle and bit and the area would get really sore again then settle down. My nipple gets itchy after too and I’m forever covering my nipple as soon as it rubs in my clothes it gets sore as hell.


I eventually went for an ultrasound and nothing was found and since seen loads of doctors and all say it’s nothing serious, it’ll go on its own. I don’t want to keep taking ibuprofen and having to cover it up and I’m not getting anywhere with the docs. So I don’t know if I take their word or request some other type of test? I was worried about Paget’s.


I’m male too.

Hi Jazz,

I wouldn’t really know about this. 

It might be an idea to post in ‘ask our nurses’ or give the helpline here a ring - number at the top. 

It’s probably all ok as you’ve been told, but it’s frustrating not to have a definitive answer. 

ann x


I didn’t think of calling, thanks Ann.


I’m seeing a GP again today so I think I’ll maybe ask to see a dermatologist. It has amazed me of how little knowledge GPs (ones I’ve seen) have of Paget’s / IBC.


Thanks again.