So worried I can't eat

I had diagnostic mammogram, a clip put in an ultrasound and biopsy yesterday. 

Consultant told me the lump is cancer and I’ll be back in 2 to 3 weeks for results and treatment plan.

I am so worried that I am unable to eat. I haven’t ate properly for over a week and have already lost 4 pounds. I know I need to eat, but I just can’t manage it. Anyone got any advise? 


First of all, I’m so sorry you’ve had this diagnosis. It may help to know that every one of us has been there and we’re still here to tell the tale, with a whole range of different experiences, reactions and results. Each one of us is unique and there is no easy way to predict what lies ahead. One thing is certain though - be ready for lot of waiting! And waiting for results is the worst

The emotional toll is, in my opinion, at least half of the breast cancer experience and you are reacting as I did. In fact my weight dropped to 6-4. The stomach is referred to as the second brain and it’s often the first way many people notice their heightened anxiety state. My advice would be to scrap the rules of eating for now and graze - eat little but often and go for what you CAN eat, rather than what you should eat.

Aim for good nutrition without the burden of meals. I couldn’t face cooking so my husband took over. A can of vegetable soup lasted 3 ‘meals!’ Chocolate, grapes, pineapple - they all became a ‘meal.’ Anything to get those calories. When I was at my worst during chemo and also had mouth problems, the oncology nurse advised me to eat every 2 hours and ensure I had at least the equivalent of a handful of food. You aren’t at this stage and I hope you won’t be but the 2 hour rule and the handful bit are useful to know. If you can’t afford to lose weight, go for fortified foods like Complan as well as lots of fruit, nuts and vegetables. Focus on protein and fibre. If you really cannot eat, then contact your GP and explain what’s happening - they will probably refer you to a nutritionist who will be able to prescribe other (much nicer) fortified foods such as ‘custard’ deserts and fruit drinks which you can’t get OTC. 

The other thing you can do is find a way to manage your emotional/mental stress which underpins this problem. It can’t be avoided but it can be reduced. You may already have your own tool like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, singing, running, whatever - do it much more often. I found YouTube a wonderful resource and Progressive Hypnosis’s Manifest Healing got me through the whole experience. I just plugged in my earphones several times a day and did as she advised. It helped a lot. There’s also Michael Sealey videos that can help - one specifically for digestion - and… just search and play around till you find what helps.

I hope what lies ahead goes smoothly for you. Remember, it’s all manageable. You just need to find your own ways of managing - and you’ve started by finding this forum and asking for help. Good start!

All the best,

Jan   PS. Never ever Google anything to do with breast cancer. That way lies disaster!! Xx