So worried nobody to turn to.

Hi i’m new to this. About 6 weeks ago i found a lump near my ipple about the size of a grape. i also had breast implants about a year an half ago. i’ve been to see my surgeon and he sent me to a local doctor sent me to see someone who scans the breast which is where i’m going to today. I live in cyprus for 7 years i feel like none of the doctors here understand how worried i am, my sister died 11yrs ago from cancer(not breast)so scared to talk to my mum about the problem as i don’t want to worry her. also im if a tell my dad he will blame my implants as he’s very old fashioned and think i was stupid to get them in the first place. the only person i can talk to is my boyfriend who is there for me 100%. but im trying to be strong for him as he’s really scared maybe more then me. any advice would be helpful. i guess i’ve just been putting this all to the back of my mind until today.

oh no, so sad to read your post. Its hard enough for people with lots of friends and family to turn, but if you can only talk to your boyfriend you must be at your wits end, no matter how supportive he is.

All i can say is hold onto the fact that 9 out of 10 lumps are not cancer.

I dont know what the system is out there. Dont know if the clinic you go to can take biopsies, or wether the results are then sent back to your doctor. If you need a biopsy (and they can do it using a scanner so they miss the implant) remember that 50% of biopsies are negative too.

I am glad you found this site, everybody will support you and there will be people come online. Its probably expensive to ring the helpline, but you can email them. they might be able to put you in touch with someone on a one to one basis that you can email.

But in the meantime come back and let us know how you got on with your scan appointment.

Its a bit of a long shot, but you could start a new post called “anyone from Cyprus?”

are your implants under or over your breast tissue?

my implant are over the muscle but under the breast tissue. my surgeon has done a check up and he think i’m fine but just to make sure he sent me to see a specialist.

Like OAL says, 9 out of 10 lumps aren’t cancer. And even with the other 1 in 10, most are very treatable these days. Hope you get some good answers very soon
Ann x

(diagnosed in January this year, had chemotherapy, about to have lumpectomy and radiotherapy but they tell me it’s worked so far and the outlook is very good at the moment)