so worried

after reading posts for a few days i thought it would make me feel a little better to write my own you all sound so supportive. Sorry if its long i need to get it out of my system.
i went to the docs on wednesday after finding a lump in my left breast 6 weeks ago, like many of you i thought id leave it a while as hoped it was menopausal and it would just dissapear, but it hasnt. I first noticed a slight pain in my armpit then a dull ache in my breast thats when i felt the lump just above the nipple to the left hand side but i have had no further pain, ive since been feeling very tired and nauseus. The doc gave me a good examination and said its a very suspicious lump and would be 20% chance of cancer, that wasnt amswer i was expecting, i thought he’d say theres nothing to worry about its mastitus or some other simple explanation for it. he gave me an urgent referal and my appointment is the 14th june, the first 2 days i was inconsolable thinking the worst i have bearley eat or slept, but today i feel like its all been a dream and it isnt really happening im constantly feeling for the lump to check if its even still there, am i alone in feeling this way? my emotions are all over the place and the waiting is killling me.
has any one else hasd these symptoms and had good news?
thanks for listening to me ramble on.

Just bumping this up so that hopefully someone will answer you.
Its horrible when you are waiting for answers and i hope you get good results soon. You could try ringing the help line 08088006000

Hi mrsworried

Waiting for your clinic appointment can be very worrying, I think we’ve all been there. What your doctor said can be taken another way - 8 out of 10 conditions that are referred to breast clinics turn out to be NOT cancer, though I realise that might not help you right at the moment.

I don’t think you’ll get the answer you’re looking for on this forum, i.e. “I had the same and it wasn’t cancer”, as those ladies won’t be posting on here, so you’re talking to a skewed audience so you should be aware of that.

Many ladies on here have found it helpful to speak to their GP and get some mild sleeping pills to help while waiting, that might be something you’d like to consider.

Can’t add much, other than take care googling, there’s a lot of nonsense out there that could scare the life out of you because it’s irrelevant, incorrect, out of date or trying to scare you into buying something.


Seconding what Choccie has said - yes, it’s absolutely normal to feel worried sick until we know the answer one way or another.
Lots of good people here…keep talking with us…

Ann x (more than half way through chemotherapy with my own breast cancer and (personally speaking) it’s been pretty ok and pretty doable - most breast cancer is very treatable these days and treatment is improving all the time, if that helps balance the part of your brain that says “ohmyheckImgoingtodie!”. We’re all going to die, but very few of us from our breast cancer. Took me a while to reason that out in my own mind, but it helped me a lot.)

The waiting is the weirdest experiance. From reading posts here everybody reacts differently. I was in the protective little bubble not realy believing it, but not doing any of my normal daily activities, just lazing around and madly gethering facts on this site.

It was a total shock when they said what everyone had been describing as a cyst was cancerous. I was convinced it was just a little benign blob.But once I knew suddenly it is all easier and I am going on with my normal activities and thinking about it less, more like a bad tooth that you keep prodding with your tongue (hence the constant visits back to this site)

Your symptoms could very well be explained away by an infection, cyst or all sorts, I wish the doctor had said, 4 out of 5 of these lumps turn out to be completely benign… That would have sounded so much better. But you would probably still have worried about it being serious.

All the very best over the next 9 days, however you feel just tell yourself that every type of emotion, fear,hysteria, numbness are all normal. There are some posts on here about people going into meltdown with partners who have not read their minds and cant keep up with the changes that made me smile.

do use this forum, to rant, to ask questions to read how other people waiting for results are coping. It is what is keeping me sane. I am older too, another three weeks for them to take my lump out to see what it is. But everyone is saying i might still not need treatment.

Reading other peoples worries help to take your mind off your own situation.

all the very best till the 14th june. Plan something nice to do that evening.

Hi there, I’m seconding what the others have said too. The waiting is really horrible and we’ve all been there.
I hope you’ve talked to BCC helpline, they’re really wonderful at calming you down and putting it all into perspective.
My lump was suspicious and turned out to be benign, and my invisible cancer was found because the lump was being checked out. That might sound negative to you, but once you’re in the situation things like that become positive! Saved by a lump!
You’ve done the right thing in going to your doctor, and if you do have bc then it’s going to be treated. If you don’t, you’ll have had a full check up. Try to hope for the best, and as CM wisely said, don’t start looking stuff up. If it is bc, you’ll cope and if you’re like most of us you’ll feel better about it once it’s all being treated.
This forum is filled with women and men who’ve been there, so stay on and tell us how you’re feeling and how you get on.
Big hugs

thanks everyone for the replies, you are all really fantastic with your positivity and support, i had a reasonably good sleep last night, the first for a few days. i think ive got it in my head now that things may not be as bad as i first thought, i keep telling myself its nothing and just to wait it out, if i do get bad news next week i’ll deal with it then, but until then its chin up and get on with it (tomorrows a different day and so probably a different emotion but hey ho one day at a time)
thanks everyone i know youve all got your own problems so i really appreciate you taking the time to read mine xx

Hi Mrs Worried,
We all have our moments but I agree with all that went before. I couldn’t feel anything but was caught as suspicious on a mamagram so had to wait for second follow up. I withdrew from my family and was quiet and anxious the not knowing was just the worst cos you’re not in control. Hope that you’re one of the 80% keep in touch even if it is only to sound off. Chris x

It’s 4 weeks tomorrow since I found a lump in my right breast. Was referred and had appointment within 2 weeks. The lump was found to be a 3cm by 2cm cyst which I had drained. During the ultrasound I was told I needed a further mammogram on the other breast. I had a biopsy last Thursday and get my results tomorrow. I’ve been through every emotion possible. One minute will be ok then the next minute in tears. Waking in the middle of the night and lying awake. I first came on this site at the beginning and have found it to be a great support. I’m trying to stay positive and by this time tomorrow I’ll know. That scares me. But I’m so glad I went to my gp and got checked out.
Chin up. We’re all right behind you xx

wishing you luck for tomorrow alice i hope the news isnt as bad as your thinking.x

Lots of love Alice, that’s pretty much what happened to me so I know how you feel. Let us know how you get on xxxx

Hi Mrs Worried. I’m in a similar boat, although I wasn’t told there was a 20% chance it could be something suspicious. I’m not sure how your GP could even know that, as s/he is after all a general practitioner (I assume) and not a breast specialist… I visited my GP this morning having discovered a lump last night, and I feel exactly the same as you. I keep checking to see if it’s disappeared, and I don’t know about you, but every now and again I well up. It is so very worrying, but I think we should be reassured by the odds in our favour. My appointment is on the 14th June as well, so sudden and totally unexpected.
I will be thinking of you - please let me know how you get on. All the very best for Tuesday x

will be thinking about you tomorrow mrs T, i know your apointment is AM mines not till 3.45, i can see tonight is going to be another sleepless one.

MissT and Mrsworried, wishing you lots of love for tomorrow and thinking of you both xx

I think you might be right about the sleepless night! All the very best for tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you too… Thanks everyone for your lovely comments x

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Great news… no cancer no lumps no cysts, i have mastalgia which is whats causing the pain and dense tissue. i sure will have a sound sleep tonight.
i cant say im sorry to have to bow out of this forum im so relieved, but i must thank you all for the support and reassuring words of comfort, i wish you all a safe journey you are all so brave with the things you have to go through.
thankyou all x
karen x

wow `i think that is the second bit of good news today-- I am so pleased for you, it is so good to here of good outcomes like yours

Hi Karen, that’s fantastic news. Lots of love xx

Fantastic news Karen! So pleased for you x