Social life during chemo

I came across this group just a few days ago and wish I’d joined earlier (better late then never though).

I was diagnosed with Stage 2 BC end Jan 22 and now halfway through AX-Taxel chemo (8 weeks AC + 12 weeks Docetaxel).  This will be followed by surgery (most likely a single masectomy) and radiotherapy.  I’m in my early 40s with on family history (I’ve now learnt that has no bearing) so was quite a shock.  It’s been tough going through chemo and whilst I am grateful to have a loving family and close friends with me on this, I miss being part of a support group of others going through this that really understand what I’m going through and I really miss having a bit of a social life which wld help provide some cheer during this period.

I generally avoid mixing with others indoors but with the weather this isn’t always possible.  Perhaps co-incidentally, when I happen to have met friends at indoor public places or enjoyed a cautious staycation, I have had my subsequent chemo sessions postponed due to low neutrophils + covid infection. This has happened on three occasions.

My chemo today was postponed and I’m still feeling quite teary about it esp as for me each delayed chemo cycle prolongs my chemo end date  It is also the jubilee bank hol wknd…I have 2 sets of theatre tickets to long awaited shows I was excited about.  Also planned to see friends but now concerned that I’ll have to stay in to avoid picking up anything (not just covid) that might risk my next treatment being postponed again.

I am now on Docetaxel, being administered weekly (on a Thurs).  I am generally ‘okay’ thereafter though still managing fatigue (albeit milder than it was on Adriamycin).

Am I being too cautious?   How are you maintaining some sort of social life during this period?

Thanks for reading.

Welcome to the forum Kiksi !! Glad you’ve found us , lots of support here . You are probably best posting in the chemo section or maybe joining a monthly chemo thread ,when did you start your chemo treatment I can point you in the direction of people at a similar stage in their treatment . We are always here to listen and hopefully help x

Kiksi Welcome to the forum, sorry you find yourself on here :two_women_holding_hands: but bcn and everyone is here for you Why not join the may 22 or June 22 chemo forums You can share together and everyone navigates through chemo differently and doing it your own way and safely is what matters There are no right or wrongs Neutrophils and infections can happen no matter how careful you are during chemo so do discuss with your team their guidance and also the ask the nurse facility on here But you do what’s going to be right for you The decisions are yours :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx