soft post surgery tops, alternative to mastectomy bras

I posted this elsewhere yesterday but realised all you ladies going through surgery might benefit from this too, wish I’d had it after mine but I have now so I’m happy :slight_smile:

A wonderful soft compression top with pockets for only £15, arrived today. I just stuffed the little softies (just a little shape) into the pockets and proudly went out wearing comfy fitted top again. Nothing over the top of it to hide anything, just not needed.

If you google for Rubenesque_Slimming_Shapewear you’ll find her shop but to get to the tip directly try googling for:

Black FIRM Control Compression vest

If the top links ebay uk that’s the one.

Sooooo comfy :slight_smile:

Oh yeah it’s a nice breathable material and is really good for exercise too as you don’t get all sticky in it.

Definitely sending off for a couple of them, thanks!