Solid Breast Lump

Hi all…recently found a solid, non movable (attached on one side) flattish lump in my left breast…three smooth sides but couldn’t feel th other as attached to breast tissue…feels like a lemon pip… after 2 weeks to see GP (who is fab) referred me to breast clinic as not a cyst…4weeks later consultant examination, ultrasound an two biopsies results show benign fat necrosis…with follow up in 3months to see if it’s shrunk…lady doin ultrasound was pretty confident and only done biopsies as I couldn’t remember any trauma to my breast…I am 38…have 17, 7 and 9month old children and after weeks and weeks of worrying to the point of making myself ill and withdrawn, convinced of the worst possible result (after scouring Google for those with the same lump type) I just wanted to reassure those going through the same that not all lumps are cancerous and hope this may help put some minds at rest a little with the excruciating worry they are facing…there is light at the end of the tunnel …I feel very lucky and hope you all are too xxx



Well that is great news and thank you so much for posting as it gives ladies coming on here after you to know it is does not always mean that a lump is breast cancer.


Helena xx