Some Good News In The Media For A Change.

After all the recent headlines on breast cancer this week, i was very pleased and heartened to read the front page of the Sunday Express today,not sure if any ladies here have already seen it ,but at least it sounds good news for a change and gives us all hope for the future.


Thats great, a good reassurance after the recent news articles this week. i have been so scared and this gives me hope, i just read and hear about how more people are surviving 10 years plus but I am scared all the time by the statistics. I just want to know that i can have my treatment and not lose my life to this disease which is hard when you read all the recent coverage. is anyone else scared like me? Shar x

Yes Shar, I’m scared. I want to be here for a good while yet. Both my grandmothers are still alive in their 90s, my grandad lived to 94 and 7 of my 8 my great-grandparents lived to at least their late 80s. I’m 43 and don’t want to be the one that went really early.

Terrified. But I intend to live to a hundred. Or at least 93.

Hi everyone i think everyone who as breast cancer is scared if not they are very brave iam positive about my breast cancer that i can beat it but its always in the back of my mind what if i dont make it when i was first told i was OMG i dont want to die but that does make you abit happier to hear that in the papers after what sh*t they was saying on the news

thats really good news I intend to be here for a long time yet and if its any consolation i had two neighbours both had breast cancer diagnosis years ago and both lived untill 90 y old. They were both diagnosed in there late 40’s. so intend to be one of them and take inspiration from them .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx