Some of my luck has run out [multiple expletives deleted!]

Went back to see the surgeon this morning hoping/expecting to be told margins clear, lymph nodes clear, come back for radiotherapy and anti-estrogen treatment. I was hoping I could leave telling people until after treatment, which would have been past the worst by Christmas.


Instead, I was told they had found some cancer cells in my lymph nodes, I see the oncologist 13th August to get chemotherapy set up, then radiotherapy later. I was so glad I had somebody with me - I felt like I had been whacked round the head. Now I have to tell people, since losing my hair will be pretty obvious, and I am told it will be about 18 months before I feel clear of the side-effects. It is no consolation that there was such a small amount of cancer cells in the lymph node that it was ‘borderline’ whether I should have chemotherapy.


With respect to those of us here who have had far worse experiences, as i do know that in some respects I am still a ‘LuckyLass’, nothing that has happened or said before prepared me for this.

Hi lucky

I am sorry you’ve had less than the best news. There are monthly chemo threads that provide brilliant support and someone will be along in a mo to give you the link I’m sure.

Take care.

Sorry to hear that… that’s one of the awful things about this horrid thing… sometimes it feels like the whole thing just keeps growing and growing. I had SNB prior to MX… consultant said it was just a precaution and she really didn’t think they would find anything… was really shocked to hear that there had been cancer found in 1 out if the 2 nodes taken. ANC then got thrown into the mixing pot! I’ve got my appointment for pathology results next Thursday… I’m trying to remain optimistic but there’s part of me that has almost begun to accept that it just keeps getting worse. :frowning:

I know that ‘whacked around the head’ feeling… Hugs xx