Some positive thoughts for those starting chemo

Having just had my last Tax a week ago I felt that I wanted to write something positive for those of you just started on the chemo route.

For me the thought of chemo was worse than a mastectomy, I was really frightened, but in the end the experience was not really as bad as I had expected.

When you read the many of the posts on here it sounds as if chemo is just one long list of horrendous side effects but you have to remember that this forum is a great life line for those who do have horrendous side effects to cope with them but that not everyone has such an extreme time and that those who like me are lucky to suffer less don’t always post.

I have had 3 FEC followed by 3 TAX. With the FEC I suffered was very sick on the first evening but one the anti-sickness drugs were sorted out this was bearable. Really just like mild morning sickness. Then by day 7 I was back to my normal self. The TAX was not as easy but nowhere as bad as I had expected. I thought I would get all the side effects. I had no nausea but on the first cycle I had some joint pain and felt shivery like I had flu for about 5 days. The second and third cycles were not as bad and as long as I took some pain killers the joint pain was bearable. I have also had mild thrush and mouth ulcers but it was manageable with various stuff I was given. Always mention side effects to the docs as there might be something they can do.

One thing that I made myself do was go out for a walk everyday regardless of how I felt, even if it was only around the block. I know that I have been very lucky and that some of you about to start might get things worse than me, but I just wanted to give you hope that while there are side effects you can cope with them.

Great points Redpark, I can certainly agree with this I have had 3 FEC and had my 1st TAX yesterday. With FEC felt sick for 1st 24 hours but was bearable (just make sure to take the anti-sickness pills early, don’t wait. TAX so far so good may be the steroids but no sickness so really good nights sleep. Not second guessing will just take all this as it comes and its been lot better than I ever thought so far. Class this as being 2/3rds through so not far to go, then onto RADS

Best of luck to all starting / going through chemo luck after yourselves. And congrats to all who have got through it

Love to all, take care of yourselves

Was nice to read your positive thoughts, I have just got back from hospital after getting my treatment plan. Due to have my first FEC next Thursday then 3 Tax. Was shown round treatment room and found this has made me feel a lot more relaxed. Keeping fingers crossed that I can cope with SE. Going shopping at weekend for as much stuff as will help if I need them i.e. ginger beer/sickness wristbands/mouth wash (bucket). Anyway bring it on!!

Keep positive, we can all get through this. Good luck everybody going through this xxxx

Anne x

completed my chemo early Dec (4 x FEC and 4 x TAX). I used corsodyl daily and really helped with mouth, didn’t get any ulcers. It wasn’t a walk in the park, but do-able. Take the meds, rest up and listen to your body. Like Redpark, I tried to get out everyday even for a short walk, the fresh air made me feel better. The last 2 cycles were the killer for me, the tiredness really hit. I am now 6 weeks post chemo and feel soooo much better day by day. It’s great to feel energy returning slowly. The time on chemo does pass quickly, make the most of the good days/weeks when you feel like doing things. You’ll be surprised how it really does motor along.

Thanks for this thread, I was wondering if there was one showing that Taxotere isn’t as scary as it sometimes sounds.

I start mine on Friday, after a very easy ride through 4 x FEC. Just minor mouth ulcers after the first one and none since, and constipation seem to be my only side effects.

I am hoping I don’t get too much trouble with the next 4, but am prepared if I do!