Some results not back - should i be worried?

I had a mastectomy and reconstruction 3 weeks ago and had my follow up with the surgeon last week. It seems like really good news - grade 1, nothing in the lymph nodes, one lump clearly removed with margins. The only thing is that they were missing the results for the other lump (I had 2 areas, hence the mastectomy). I was told they’d be through when I see the oncologist, which is still another week away.

Initially I was euporic as it seemed so positive and the likelihood of chemo now minimal. But I can’t stop worrying about WHY some of the results were delayed? Does it mean they were dodgy? Does anyone have any similar experiences or thoughts?

Hang on to the positive thoughts wooster. I bet it’s just an NHS bureaucracy hitch. If your surgeon thought there was anything to worry about he/she would have demanded the result sooner.

Jan xx

Hi - I had long delays on some results because the pathology dept of my local county hospital (quite small) sent them away to be checked by regional centre. This resulted in an extra 10 days (on top of the usual 2 weeks) after two of my ops. I was beside myself. If this is the case with you then I really commiserate - waiting for results is the worst situation to find yourself in. However, you can comfort yourself with the thought that you are getting a second opinion.
Hope you get them ASAP.

Hi there i had a set of results delayed and it was for the Her2 status ,mine was borderline and had to be sent off to a regional centre for furthur tests called FISH staining ( they eventually came back Her2 negative)about 5-6 days later. x Julie

Thank you. Maggy and Julie, did they tell you why they were delayed at the time, or only afterwards? My husband thinks it’s all nothing to worry about and agrees with Jan that it’s probably just an NHS blip. He’s pointed out that the surgeon seemed to think there’s nothing to worry about.
I’m sure this is probably true but it’s hard to trust that when it’s all so up and down. When I found the lump the general consensus was that it was ‘probably nothing’, right up to the scan. Then when the cancer was confirmed I was told I’d almost definitely have chemo (largely because I’m ‘only’ (!) 44), then post op that I almost deinfitely won’t!
Maggy, I can’t imagine how awful it must have been waiting still longer at that stage. If you can get through that then I should be able to wait another 5 days without going into a frenzy!
Thanks all of you

Hi - I found being as busy as possible helped pass the time!!! Hope the waiting isn’t too painful.

Hi again they told me at the time why they were delayed x Julie

Hi Wooster,
I had a lumpectomy (grade 2) in may and had to wait 10 weeks in all before all of my results came back and I then saw my onc. Until I saw him I was given to believe that I was borderline for needing chemo as well as rads, luckily I just had to have rads in the end.
The reason given for the neverending holdup was because they were waiting for results to come back from another hospital!
They don’t seem to realise the worry they put us through with all the waiting from day to day and week to week.
The waiting I found the worst part of the treatment.
I hope you get your results very soon and your treatment asap too.
Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx