We have set up a new networking organisation in this area. There’s a (private) Fb page you can join and meets you can attend.

The idea is that you can hook up with others in the area and organise a meet. In addition, we organise bigger events to which everyone is invited.

We aren’t a ‘support group’ in the traditional sense: we like doing things!

If you live in the area, you’re very welcome to join us at Please send a message saying how you found us and where you are treated.


Bristol meet up - anyone want to meet at Browns in Bristol on Friday 8th April. The more the merrier x

Bumping it up

…and again!

bump for any newbies…read back!

BUMP…exciting stuff going on…come and join in!!!

And for those of us who don’t do facebook ?? Browns on the 24th, or is there already a date in the diary?

I should be able to make the 24th June at the moment although I have a doctor’s appointment and so may be a little late.
Am looking forward to catching up with everybody.

AnneS xx

Hi Anne …left message for you on Fb…yes, sure, will do 24th as an event invitation for everyone on Fb. We’ve had quite a few Bristol girls joined recently so they’ll be pleased. Meeee! I’m coming! See you there hymil!

It’s in my diary :slight_smile:

There’s a meet at 1pm at the Cosy Club in Taunton. This is a Somerset CanDo bc networking event, but all peeps in the area are v welcome.

Go to and request an add for more info and future invitations to our meetings (send a message saying where you saw the contact info) xx