Something for my friend

My beautiful friend has recently been diagnosed. She had her lymph nodes removed this week and, in 2 weeks, is having a full mastectomy. I would really love to put a beautiful care package together for her for after the surgery. I have bought button front pj’s and a couple of books and mags but I really want to get her done things that will be both a comfort and useful. Can any of you fabulous ladies help me with some ideas please? Thank you in advance and much love to you all. S x

What a thoughtful friend you are! After my surgery I had to sleep on my back which I’m not used to. I found a v-shaped pillow very useful and comfortable. I think I got it from Argos. You can also get heart shaped pillows which are meant to be good for reducing swelling. I’ve heard bio oil is good for scars, I use Aveeno. Strangely I enjoyed a crossword puzzle magazine my brother got me as I found it hard to concentrate on much else. I’m now going through chemo and still enjoy filling in the odd puzzle whilst I’m waiting for treatment. I also enjoyed decent food as the hospital fare was not great! Does she have a favourite chocolate bar? I certainly enjoyed some sweet treats. Most importantly I valued people coming to visit me and helping out. You can’t lift much after surgery so even basic tasks can be difficult. Having someone make me cups of tea was wonderful! I still have someone who pops round with a meal for me and my family once a week which is so helpful. You know your friend and I’m sure she’ll appreciate your efforts. Hope all goes well for her and best wishes to you too cx


Lovely that your friend has you.

I had a mastectomy in March but only stayed in hospital over night, I took a favourite magazine in with me but could not concentrate,  the best thing I had in hospital was a phone to chat to friends,  and wet wipes as I found the ward so hot.  At home I found a small cushion  about 10" across  the best thing, I used it to protect the wound from seat belt when I was taken to appointments, when sitting if placed under the effected arm side it some how supported and was more comfortable than not having the cushion,  I also used it when I went for short walks  under the arm to stop any rubbing, Hope this helps,  just being about to listen is  possibly the most important.

sending best wishes H

Hi samipip27,


My suggestion is to try and cover the senses : smell, touch, sound, taste, sight. In order for her to recover your friend will probably be resting quite a lot and yet her senses can be stimulated. 


My favourites were the taste of jelly beans and the smell of daffodils, the feel of cotton against my skin and since I had to be indoors quite a lot I went onto YouTube and listened to birds singing. 





































Hi Samipip27


I agree with other comments, how lovely of you to come on here to get advice to put together a care package. Your friend will really appreciate that. Others have given great advice so I’ll just add a few thoughts of my own.


Others are right about not being able to concentrate - I found easy watching DVDs great or magazines perfect, nothing heavy. I was given a lovely fleece blanket, it’s not too thick so perfect for sitting on the sofa recovering. Some fluffy socks? Some nice chocolates/treats always help recovery. You could take over some meals to her when she comes out, maybe put something in the freezer for her.


The most valuable gift is your time - keeping her company when she wants it, or offering to run errands/do shopping/housework as she won’t be able to drive or do much for a while.


Wishing your friend all the best for her op and recovery. I too had both mastectomy and node clearance so happy to answer any questions you might have.

Evie xx

Samipip - what a lovely friend you are.


I had a mastectomy and complete node removal last September and here are a few ideas; lip balm, epsom salts, E45 moisturiser, wet wipes, tissues and herbal teabags (peppermint and anything for bedtime too) - I enjoyed my sudoko books and magazines.  Boiled sweets/mints are good too!  


Good luck for your friends impending operation and good wishes to you too. J x

Maybe book a wash and blow dry as you can’t do that easily after this operation!

Thank you all for you wonderful ideas. I am really grateful you’ve taken the time to answer me and I am now full up with ideas. I think you are all bloody super heroes, as is my gorgeous friend, and I wish you all so much love and luck. Take care everyone and thank you again xxx