Something to look forward to

So after a week of stress - including the fact that I am currently trying to sell my house - and bad news, I have just remembered that I can have a bath tomorrow!! I am so excited ::))) Stressing about future treatment will be put on hold for at least an hour as I soak my steri-strips away!

I wonder what other simple pleasures I will learn to appreciate more over the next few months - any suggestions?


Totally with you on the bath thing!! I recently had my first post radiotherapy bath and made sure I made the most of it - John Legend on the iPod, BIG glass of red?, still being careful with perfumed products so Simple moisurising bath and a lovely scented candle . Sheer bliss! Hubby thought I’d drowned but knew better than to disturb me. ?
Enjoy yours, Mac.?

This is going to make me sound like a total saddo MAC, but the highlight of my recovery so far has been shaving under my operated on armpit with my new electric razor!  The joy of finally removing the forest growing under that arm was just immense. Yep, definitely a saddo and really need to get a life! :womantongue:



Such a wonderful feeling being able to have a bath, I didn’t want to get out of mine. Enjoy…Gules x

Hey Sharon

Isn’t ‘getting a life’ what this is all about!? Don’t feel a saddo. My armpit is deinitely smelling fruitier than I would like - won’t be this time tomorrow! -  and although I am not at the forest stage yet, I can absolutely imagine the joy of that first shave; I will definieity be too nervous to try that tomorrow though! 


A full shower,especially when you can put the spray under your arms.Another lovely feeling is going back to wearing pretty bras,beng able to dry your hair, and being able to read a book,instead of flicking through magazines .Actually going into town,and shopping…and getting back behind the driving wheel,and being independent …???..and in my case,going to a festival…??