Soneone in Tamoxifen created Tinnitus?

Hello Everyone

I’m simply contemplating whether anybody has had a comparable encounter to me.

I have been on Tamoxifen since December 2007. Soon after beginning it I created Tinnitus. I didn’t connect it with the Tamox, it isn’t recorded as an aftereffect thus I accepted that it was my maturing ears!!! I was 60 when the Tinnitus began.

Early this year I had a break from prescription for a considerable length of time and during the third week my Tinnitus essentially disappeared… goodness bliss!! It was superb.

Recently I went for my examination at the emergency clinic and referenced this to the expert. He checked in his book and said that Tinnitus isn’t recorded as a result of Tamoxifen.

I’m certain nonetheless, that I’ve perused different posts on this gathering from individuals who have created Tinnitus in the wake of beginning Tamox.

That’s what the expert said assuming the case individuals are being impacted in this manner by Tamox then it ought to be accounted for to the producers.

Please would you be able to inform me as to whether you have had a comparative encounter and your age.

Much obliged to you

You’ve been on Tamoxifen for 15 years ???

If you do a forum search for ‘Tamoxifen and tinnitus’ there are certainly a number of posts that come up, I haven’t read any of the threads but in the absence of anybody replying to you directly, who has this problem right now, there is certainly material to be looking at there.