soo sick

Can anyone help with advice on feeling sick and very tired all the time.Doctor thinks i may have a fibroadenoma but will know more after the lumpectomy,as the biopsy came back with unspecified cells (i dont understand this) has anyone else been told something like this ?love & hugs to eveyone

I feel tired alot, it may just be the worry, the mind can do very strange things to you. I also have PCOS (polycystic Ovaries) and one of the symptoms is lethargy.

If you have a fibroadenoma, you shouldn’t have any symptoms from it, as all it is ia a lump of tissue as far as it was explained to me when I had mine removed.

If you are anxious and worried, as I would expect you to be, then I would say that whats making you feel ill. Bc does not make you feel ill apparently, its the treatment that does.

I’m no expert on this by any stretch, but I have “worried myself sick” before now, and this time around am trying to pull myself together and get on with it, alot easier said than done. If it is a physical illness, then I dont know what to suggest that it is other than maybe you have a bug or something as I cant think why you would feel lousy with a breast lump.

Sorry, that sounds really harsh, dont mean it to be! I’m sorry you feel so bad. My advice would be to try and relax, find something to take your mind off things and do something you enjoy, a nice long soak with some nice scented candles, or a favourite movie with loads of choccies and a duvet. Most like a spending spree, but as I hate shopping and never have enough money, that one doesn’t do it for me ,lol!

Hope your feeling better soon. I dont mean to undermine your illness, and like I said, I’m no expert, but having been where you are now, I can understand how you feel and I did the same to myself, and I’m doing it to myself all over again! Need to start taking my own advice I think, lol

Take care,

heidi x x