soooo scared!!

hi everyone.
I’m having my mas and recon on tuesday, i thought i was coping quite well with it all and everyone saying how brave i am - if only!!! I got a phonecall yesterday afternoon from the hospital saying i have to go in on the monday afternoon, and now i’m a wreck! i don’t wanna sit on the ward all evening on my own worrying bout my procedure the next day.
i had read other peoples messages on here sayin they went in the day before but i just kind of ignored that bit and hoped it wouldn’t happen to me.
(i’m have a tram flap) i’m just really not lookin forward to being in hospital for a week - although i know it’ll be the best place as i have a 14month old daughter.
i’m 23 but feel so young to be coping with all this!

sorry bout the rant, just had to get it off my chest!



Ring the hospital back and ask if you can arrive on the morning of your op - I have given that option even tho I was first on the list (op was for a mx). You just have to make sure you get to the hospital very early - which in a way is even more exhausting.

yes, yes you are too young for this, it’s not fair. By the way, my youngest daughter is the same age as yours.

K x

thanx. i’m meetin up with my BCN today so she can talk me through what to expect with the op so i tink i will mention it to her and see if i can go in on the morning!!?? fingers crossed!!

excellent - keep us posted on how it goes. They really are quite accomodating esp so bec of your age. I was given more privacy in the hospital due to my age as i was good 25 years younger than everyone, so you never know, but it was also nice being in the hospital as everyone was in the same boat.

hope you get some new lovely boobs too!

i was hoping that there will be more people in the same boat as me. hopefully the BCN will be able to tell me. did you get a room on your own?? that would be my wish, although i’v been told that i’m gonna be in HDU to start with.
i’m kinda clinging onto the fact that i should get a flat tummy out of it - trying to hold onto the positives!!
although no-one has been able to answer me as to whether you can have more children after having a tram flap?? anyone know??

Gemma. I had my mast last Wednesday 3rd. I went in at 12.30 lunchtime and was in the op theatre by 2.00. I can’t say how happy I was that there was no hanging around. I was walking the dog in the woods that same morning, was able to have breakfast up until 6.30 and be at home keeping busy until it was time to leave.

I hope you can have the same treatment. When you go into hosp ask the nurses if it would be possible for you to have a side ward

I wish you well hon; you are young and fit and have that wonderful daughter waiting for you. {{big hug}} Stay strong x

hi gemmaj, just wanted to wish you all the very very best for next Tuesday. I had a mx at the end of June but unfortunately was not offered immediate recon, a poss in the future. If your nurses care for you like mine did you will be well looked after.

Love n hugs Sharon xx

It would not be normal if you were not feeling like this now. I also have young children (4 and 2), so stayed in hospital until the drains came out. No one else was having the same as me, I was in a general surgical ward and at first I was in with 3 really old ladies (I’m 39) but then they moved me and I met a lady who was in for severe tonsillitus, who is 37 and has become a firm friend. On the last 2 nights it was just us and we had a real laugh, giggling like teenagers.
Hope your stay in hospital is bearable.


thanx everyone. going to see the BCN at 1pm at hospital so hopefully she can put my mind at rest and answer all my questions. then i have to go shoppin at the weekend to but some pj’s and food to take with me.

Best of luck Gemma, I am going in for a mastectomy and recon via LD on the 22nd and have just started to think of all the things I need to buy (front opening pjs and bra, v shaped pillow etc etc) and organise (list of people wanting a call, along with those needing a call, shopping so hubby can manage work and our remaining child at home - 10) so I can understand though you are a bit younger than me (I’m 39) and so are your kids.

I hope you do get an answer from the BCN about having more kids after a tram flap if no-one else can help as I guess its a factor for you with your age etc. If the answer is negative do you have a choice over which recon even at this stage?

BTW, shallow question ladies but how far in advance of going into hospital did anyone book their bedside TV? I am not an addict but the idea of a week in hospital without Holby City/Desparate Housewives is awful (yes, I do have sky+ but I hate to wait for my favs). :slight_smile:

Just want to say I will thinking of you next week and I wish you all the best for a smooth hospital stay and recovery.
Hospital is the best place to be post op as they will really look after you so you can get strong to get back to your wee one.

Ostrich…the hospital I was in had PAYG telly and phones. I didn’t use it myself as I decided to read and save all the tv programmes I like to SKY+ and I am slowly ploughing through them all now. Luckily the nurses and doctors were really easy going re: mobile phones and we were allowed to make an accept calls without a problem, which was great as I could phone my daughter and get her up for school and say good night etc.

I took in pyjama bottoms and wore loose tee-shirts whilst I was in hospital as I found it more comfy. Don’t forget you will have to wear your support stockings too, so it can become a bit warm sometimes! I was lucky enough to be next to an opening window so could get fresh air 24/7 which was the best thing ever for an outside person like me.

Take plenty of sterlile wipes with you to be on the safe side and bottled water too.

Hope all goes well

Thanks Pheebster, forgot about those lovely stockings! It will be nice if I can use my phone as I always call my daughter when I am away at bedtimes and mornings through shift working and it would be nice to be able to speak to her from hospital.

Gemma, hope things went well with your BCN, x

thanx everyone.
had a good chat to my BCN, and shed a few more tears.the thought of all the drains etc is very scare.
but my mum is gonna come up and help me wash everyday, and i had my hair cut short today so it’ll be easier to manage over the next few months.

i don’t think you can hire tele’s at my hospital - i’m so jealous! but i’ve stocked up on magazines and put loads of albums on my MP3 player and bought myself a good book so hopefully i’ll be ok.

i don’t feel quite so scared over it now, maybe knowing more does ease it a little.

BCN did day i may be able to come home the night before after they’ve done bloods etc but i’d have to be back at hosp bout 7am!! - so not sure that’ll be a good idea. i think my OH might need all the rest he can get - havin to look after our daughter for a week.

I will be back on here tho telling you all how i got on and hopefully saying it wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be!!

Gem xx

Hi Gemma…The drains aren’t that bad - honestly. Take a nice little bag in with you so you can carry them around and not be stuck to one of the bloody poles! Many people took in gift bags to use!

You will be fine washing after a day or two…I got the nurse to help me on the first morning as I was still reeling from all the morphine, but I got myself to the toilet that same morning and did my own washing etc from the following evening. I got someone to help wash my hair too. You will be able to shower etc as long as you keep your wound dry - we had lovely wet rooms with shower attachments that came off the wall (I was NHS too).

Please believe me when I say the worry and not knowing is so much worse than the ‘doing’ of all this - you are sounding so much more positive already. Well done you x

it all sounds a bit scarey!
i’m not doing too bad now tho - getting my head around it!
although when you hear some of the stories of wat people are going through on here mine seems pretty simple! and i feel like i’m complainin bout nothin.

went to tesco today tho, bought myself some biscuits and snacks and some mags to keep myself going as they don’t have tv’s!!!