Sore 5 wks post off

I’ve started to feel a lot tender and sore lately! I’m nearly 5 weeks post off. I’m bot sure if it’s because I’ve gone back to normal bras or I’m doing a bit more but I feel very top heavy and tender lately. X

Meant to put aswell. I know I’m only 5weeks post op but I was starting to feel really good and myself lately…

Hi ladies. I had a WLE & SNB on 28th March & felt just fine after that surgery. No pain or discomfort at all. But after receiving my results as 2 of 3 nodes showed positive I went back in for full axillary node clearance on 8th May. So I’m now 5 weeks post op & had nothing but trouble with this op. Seroma formed around day 7 & since then I’ve had it drained 5 times & now have cellulitis. This has deferred my chemo a further 2 weeks but I guess the infection needs to be be totally clear before I start chemo.
Good luck to you with your journey from here x

Hi Queenbee.  I find I have to change bras for different activities so driving and walking I need a really supportive one (I don’t do wired anyway) and for just pottering can do a crop top.   The bumps and vibrations from driving don’t help.  Mine is less sore now but still feels ‘heavy’.  I think there is a correlation between doing more and the soreness.  I went back to work yesterday and by  lunchtime there was deffo some tingling and aching starting and today feel more tired.   Perhaps cut back a bit by the afternoon and if bad in evening have a neurofen to reduce swelling.  A cold compress under the arm might work as well.