sore arm

sore arm

sore arm I have posted this on behalf of cheshire

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Me again, I’m on a role tonight.

After surgery ‘Masectomy’, done all the exercised and the use of my right arm came back quite well. Then, radiotherapy…the arm started to get stiff, but with exercise started to get a bit better…now, oh my god, real pain, deep down in the muscle of my upper arm and movement is now limited, especially when doing the ‘fastening bra’ exercise…anyone experience the same after RADS?


Hi Chesh Similar to you I gained full mobility back after my mastectomy. Throughout rads, my arm and shoulder got more and more painful and stiff. My onc team referred me for some physiotherapy - I had 6 sessions with some fairly deep massage and it has worked. It still takes a lot of stretching and exercising to keep it more free, but at least it worked. I also had to take Co-codamol at night to take some of the pain away to be able to sleep!

Ask your oncology team to refer you over for some physiotherapy and get them to work the soft tissue with some deep massage - my physio had worked on women who had had mastectomies in the past and was aware of what they can and what they shouldn’t do.

Hope this helps - wishing you all the best.


Brilliant…that’s put my mind at rest, I will ring the Breast Care nurse for a referral …cheers…!!