Sore eyes - any advice?

Hi, hoping someone can give me some advice of how to cope with streaming and sore eyes.

Have just finished chemo and started on Herceptin but for the last couple of weeks been putting up with streaming eyes (people keep asking me if I am ok) and sore eyes. Eyelashes very sparse and wearing sunglasses as much as possible but not practical in the office.

Would any eyedrops help??

Appreciate any comments.


i had hypromellose eye drops on chemo and also lumecare eye gel which i still have to use as have long term dry eyes.

also needed to get glasses as my eye sight has deteriorated but was put down to my age rather than treatment.


Thanks Lulu, can you get the eyedrops from the chemist?

I already wear glasses but have noticed eyesight got worse. Am due an eye test but waiting till eyes improve a bit, could’nt sit through an eye test at the moment.


im not sure if you can get them from the chemist… i get mine on prescription… if your in england you can get them on prescription for free.


Just wondering Lulu, is that from your onc or GP? I have same problem, got some eye drops (Clinitas Hydrate) from optician but had to pay. There’s more than a month waiting list to get a non-urgent appointment with my own GP… a very good GP who I think will understand why I’m concerned about sore eyes while I’m living with secondary bc… it’s so uncomfortable esp first thing in the morning.
or there’s something that can be sprayed on /closed/ eyelids but it costs about £15 OTC!

I had terrible streaming eyes, probably made worse by the spring pollen. I got lubricating eye drops from the doctors and it has made a big difference. I no longer look like I am constantly crying and can actually see!

My eyes still get a bit gritty in the night, but is gradually improving by using the eyedrops a couple of times a day.

A month waiting list for your gp! That is terrible, just tell them you have cancer and it is urgent, having cancer has to have some advantages, even if it is just jumping the hospital doctors que!

i got hypromellose from the chemo ward and carbomer gel (lumecare) from the GP… well it was the practice nurse who got them for me first time and since then i have just asked for them on repeat so dont actually see anybody.


I used brolene or golden eye ointment at night. It isnt particularly pleasant as you cant see much but it did clear it up and sooth the itchy gritty feeling

Hope this helps - and goodluck for the rest of your treatment

I finished chemo 18 months ago and still at times suffer with streaming eyes. I tried the spray on, expensive, over the counter medication. It didn’t work for me. I’ve also had prescription eye drops. One thing that seems to have helped is an eye bag. It was recommended by an optician. It’s about £19. I t might be worth a try

Thanks folks… just to explain, I had a dry eye problem before chemo, 6 x EC, but it got worse esp. when I lost my eyelashes (finished treatment end Feb.) My oncs are happy to prescribe for side effects of chemo but at my age (60) some things aren’t cancer-related! - optician said I had a dry area in one eye. Interested that the expensive spray-on medication isn’t a wonder drug :wink:

your GP should be able to prescribe it even if onc doesnt and it should still be free if you live in England… its not drugs relating to your cancer that are free but any drugs for a patient who has cancer…

from direct gov

“All cancer patients are entitled to apply for a 5-year exemption certificate, which will entitle them to all their NHS prescriptions free of charge, not just those relating to cancer.”

i think if your optician recommends it then your Gp would be willing to prescribe.

although my eyes initially got dry on the chemo and worsened when my lashes fell out, my optician thinks mine is just going to be a long term condition and was keen for me to continue using the carbomer gel… and it is really good… kinda feels refreshing… although because its a gel it makes my vision go a bit iffy for a few seconds.

hope you get it sorted.


ask your gp for artificial tears the are freee on prescription and work really well