Sore eyes

Hi,just wondering if anyone has had sore, watery,puffy eyes-i look like i’ve been crying all day! Having my 3rd cycle of EC on tuesday,have lost my hair and now losing eye lashes.Have tried optrex but no help.Can’t even wear make-up to hide my pale dry skin.Any advise would be much appreciated x

Hi maggie - sounds pretty normal. I had sore, sticky, blurry eyes after all of my fecs. It cleared up on it’s own each time, but I do remember having sore bloodshot eyes. I think some ladies used eyedrops and am sure someone else will becslong soon with more advice. Hope you get some relief soon.

Yes, I have that too. I’ve just finished my 4xFEC and 4xTaxotere and got it more with the Tax. I am using Optrex eye wash every now and then, trying to avoid getting my face cream any where near my eyes, using sunglasses as bright light makes them water more… but apart from that, putting up with it.

I was doing gardening today, and when I went inside and looked at my eyes I had huge crusts on my eyelids where they had been watering. Luckily, today it didn’t hurt, but when it happens overnight I wake up looking like someone has smacked me in the eye or i’ve been crying all night and they are very sore.

I still have eyelashes, although fewer than before, so not sure if a lack of them is making it worse or not.

i had really watery, gritty, nippy eyes on chemo… i was given hypromellose eye drops from the chemo ward… your GP can also prescribe them.

i also had lumecare eye gel which i still use as my eyes are still dry and sore and eyesight is poorer even though last chemo was in november.

in the mornings its like my eyes are glued shut and stings when i open them… gonna get my eyes tested soon too as some people have noticed further problems with their eyes on tamoxifen.

i now have my full compliment of eyelashes now and doesnt seem to make any difference.


I have had a bit of watery eye, but what has concerned me more is my vision has deteriorated dramatically, more so since I switched from FEC to Tax. I now can’t read the screen or print without glasses - I used to just use them for the tiny print on labels. This doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the lists of se’s, and I haven’t noticed any comments about it either. Am I the only one? I’m hoping this is a temporary se - does anyone know if things improve after chemo?

Hi Maggie

I had the same and Optrex actually made my eyes worse. I used Murine eye drops for dry/sore eyes (not the ones for red eyes) and found this really helped. they use different ingredients so have a different effect from Optrex.

Hope this helps.
bw, Elinda

Maggie - My eyes have been very sore and watery since about my 3rd or 4th FEC. I haven’t found anyting o stop it but haven’t tried any eye drops. I do ty to wear sunglasses when it is bright outside.

Finty - I have noticed that my eyes seem to take longer to focus on a morning or when I have been using a pc too long. I keep meaning to get my eyes tested but haven’t got round to it yet. Now I hav fiished hemo hopeflly they will get back to normal.

Thanks to every one for advice.Will ask about eye drops mentioned tomorrow.Think i’ll get my eyes tested as well,can’t remember last time that was done (school i think!) x

I too had very sore and watery eyes during chemo, lack of eyelashes doesnt help! My onc prescribed me eye drops, cant remember what they were called but they did help!
My eye sight has also got worse during and since finishing!
Love Debs xx

My eyes have virtually stopped watering more than a month after finishing 3 x Fec and 3 x Tax but my eyesight has definitely deteriorated as you describe Finty. I mentioned it to my onc and he said that WAS NOT a side effect. I didn’t believe him! I hope it improves but reckon I’d benefit from new glasses.

Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one with this problem. Its been a month now since my last Chemo and I start my Radiotherapy on Tuesday and my eyes are still watery, people wonder why I am crying all the time! It is so frustrating. I live in hopes after reading these comments that my eyes will dry up soon.

well i had my eye test on thursday and i need to get specs for reading as my eyesight has deteriorated.

the optician said chemo can affect some aspects of eyesight but the symptoms i have are more age related as your eyesight tends to deteriorate when you hit 40 so i think that combined with the chemo has made it more noticeable for me.

i still have dry eyes and she recommended brazil nuts and to continue with my carbomer eyedrops to use at least once a day.

picking up my glasses next week… they are pink of course ;0)


Started with very sore, watery eyes one week after my first fec on the 8th April, look like I have been crying all day, cant wear any makeup. Will ask for eye drops at next session, also very sensitive to the sunlight. Have bad eyesight anyhow, probably worth while checking once all this is done with!! xxTina

Same here and have just bought the new Optrex spray which you apply to your closed eye lid. Seems to help. Otherwise I wear sunglasses whatever the weather and with my headscarves my family say I look like a 50’s filmstar or do they just mean I look my age 51.

My eyes are very gritty and I have problems keeping them open after 3pm even when not tired. They are even gritty and uncomfortable when I do close them to go to sleep.


I finally made it to the opticians and I also need glasses for close work. I think it is age related as I am now 42. Didn’t see any pink glasses, but I am getting a “free” pair of sunglasses. so they should help when my eyes are watering.

Hi Lulu34
I too have quite an uncomfortable sensation in my eyes. I have been on Arimidex for almost four months. Very painful joints and sore eyes make me feel like a hundred years old :frowning:
Hope your eyes get better. I am going to see the optician soon. You mentioned free glasses, are cancer sufferers eligible to free eye treatment? Also can anyone tell me if dental treatment is free for us or not.I forgot :wink: to say I am over sixty.