Sore Feet - side effects of chemo tablets

Hi all you amazing and brave people,

My mum has secondary cancer and has just started another treatment with is 3 months worth of chemo tablets (not sure on the name of tablets) - one side effect was that she may get sore hands and feet. She has sore feet now and is unable to wear normal shoes as they are not comfortable. When she gets home she soaks her feet and then puts on cooling foot cream to take the temperature down. She did have blisters on there too. Has anyone had this before and do you have any other advice on what she can do?
Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Annabel :slight_smile:

Hi Annabel, I’m sorry to hear that your mum is having these side effects. She’s probably on Capecitabine (brand name Zeloda) and, unfortunately, sore hands and feet are a common side effect. I’ve been through this treatment but was lucky enough not to suffer too badly. Many women on this site have used Udderly (I think that’s the name) cream, the advice is to lightly massage the cream on to the feet - rather than really pushing it in. I wore bed socks at night and put cream on before going to bed. However, she should probably have a word with oncology at the hospital if the effects are bad. They can give you a vitamin supplement to help or the amount of Zeloda can be reduced to lessen the effects. I’m sure others who have had hands-on (excuse the pun!) experience will be on here to help. Try searching for Capecitabine on the forum and you may well find some tips there. I hope your mum will find a solution soon.

Alison x

Alison, Thank you so much for that - brilliant advice. I will let her know when I get home and I’ll have a search on the site. Thank you again. You’re a star! Annabel x

Hi Annabel,
I’ve been on oral chemo (capecitabine) for 11 months now and have had sore feet and hands for the last 7 months. The chemo nurse gave me a sample tube of Udderley Smooth cream (with urea)and I now get it on px from GP. It works wonders - before I got it on px I went online to find my nearest stockist and by the time I’d walked to the shop (about 1/4 mile) I could hardly walk, but as soon as I used this cream my feet were fine again! Do push if your GP won’t prescribe as it IS on the list of NHS approved medicines. I’ve also been prescribed vit B6 (pyridoxine) as this helps too. Good luck!

Thank you very much Tinkle. I have ordered a pot for my mum and said it’s worth a try so we’ll see what happens. Thank you so much again. Annabel x