Sore head

Hi everyone, I have been recently diagnosed and have already had my first chemo treatment, the 2nd one due tomorrow 12th April. Mastectomy to follow at a later date. I knew that I was going to lose my hair, but, it has been starting to fall out over the past few days so hence I went and had my hair cropped. This has happened sooner than I expected, but worse is the head soreness, feels bruised all over. Has anyone else experienced this when losing their hair, if so please tell me it’s a normal part of the process. Would love to hear from you. Pat

Yep my head really hurts, all of my hair is now short but hurts too much to even think of running the clippers over it. I like you have only had the 1st chemo treatment and am due no. 2 on Wed 13th. My whole head is sore and cold!

Hi pat don’t panic tge sore head is very normal. I remember it well :frowning: It doesn’t last long thankfully- just leafing upto+ during the hair loss. I used to put cold aqueus cream on to soothe it a little but it was very messy once tge hair started to shed. I didn’t try painkillers but they would probably help? But make sure you take your temp before taking anything containing paracetamol now you are on chemo.
Good luck with your treatment
tina x

Hi Pat, I think it’s a normal part of the process… I had exactly the same, my hair follicles were very sore and my head felt bruised. As soon as all the hair went it stopped aching, so it will definitely get better!


Hi Patsycatz,

I’m due my second chemo on Wednesday and my hair is falling out in handfuls. It generally just feels as if I’ve been ‘sleeping on it the wrong way’ but I do have an area at the back of my head which feels just like a bruise. I’m sure that’s normal from what I’ve read.
It looks really thin now (I had mine cut really short too) and looks so dreadful that my wig/headscarf are actually an improvement so I’ve been out and about in both today.

K x

ps. The 12th is Tuesday! Good luck with second chemo. Hope all goes well.

Hi pat

its pretty normal to start lising your hair around day 14 to 21 after first chemo and for it to be sore and hot and itchy leading up to it. Mine did exactly the same but the soreness only lasted a few days really and once i had shaved my head it wasnt as sore anywAy as there was less weight pulling on it. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but , if you are having 6 chemo cycles, just think, you are already nearly a third through. Well done you.


Hi everyone, thanks for all your comments, I do feel better knowing that i’m not the only one going through this. I might just have the whole lot shaved off now because the hair is getting everywhere, on my clothes, pillow, and I have even seen some of it blowing off in the wind. I’ve got my scarves, hats and wig at the ready. Keep in touch. Pat