Sore Mouth/ Mouth Ulcers



I finished my chemotherapy (paclitaxel) 4 weeks ago but I am still experiencing some of the side effects. Is this normal?  I am trying my best to be positive but I am sure I read somewhere that mouth ulcers/sore gums should go within 4 weeks but mine aren’t getting any better.  Also I have had to get medication for hemorraids which is new for me.  I don’t want to be ringing the GP everyday and maybe I just have to be patient and let my body recover but if anyone has experience of this recovery period I would be grateful to hear.



Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for whatever you need - it will take time to recover - and if it needs a little help along the way - then so be it! Maybe your dentist may have some ideas too!!

I have only just started my chemo regime but I’m sure others will be along with some suggestions soon to help your recovery be a little smoother.



Hi there GSR


It can take a while to get back to normal…sodium bicarb. Mouth washes .(baking soda) is pretty good for mouth ulcers…got rid of mine quickly. Use 1teasp to a latge glass of warm water…or make up in a bottle and mouth rinse after every time you eat or drink. Dont swallow it thoxx