Sore mouth

Thought this might help anyone with mouth ulcers - the chemo nurse suggested getting those large vitamin C tablets and breaking it into quarters and putting then on your ulcers and let it fizz away there - might be worth a try?

Love to all out there x

Hi: will repeat some of my post on starting chemo on 15 July - try my mum’s old fashioned remedy for mouth ulcers - bicarbonate of soda. Dip wet finger into bicarb, apply to mouth ulcer, hold on to table, when you come off ceiling it will stop hurting and will zap it. Hurts like hell but does work. My onc says this is OK.

Also, papaya cleans your mouth - contains enzyme used to tenderise meat - yuk, but eating some - not vast chunks - will clean the top layer of your mouth. Worth a try!

Keep well.


Hi, I agree with Julia, my oncologist suggested bicarbonate of soda, one tea spoon in half a glass of water and rinse the mouth whenever you feel like, especially after eating, I tried it and it works!

Just spoke to OH about mouth ulcers and he said he used to get them as a boy. His Mum was a nurse and she said there was nothing better than the old fashioned remedy of Borax - he swears it will work but unsure if it is around these days- anybody know - I’m sticking to frozen pineapple as I just have yucky taste but no ulcers (and Manuka honey)

love to all xx

Hi Chebsy13

I was told to try gentian violet. Didn’t as my ulcers cleared up but used to use it as a child (mum used to swear by it). The only trouble is,is it does colour your mouth but apparently works a dream.

Hi anyone with a mouth ulcers. We use Gelclair in the ward I work in, it is recommended for patients undergoing radiotherapy / chemotherapy.