Sore Mouth


I hope everyone is doing OK. Mum had her 4th (half way yey!!) chemo on Tuesday and is doing alright. She feels as groggy as normal but thankfully I was well this time and so she could come home and didn’t have to stay in hospital which I think made her feel ten times better from the start.

But she is really suffering from a sore/stinging mouth this time and I just wondered if anyone had any tips on anything that might ease it?



Hi Michelle
Congrats to your mum - the halfway mark is a great feeling and the ride down the other side of the mountain goes much quicker than the slog to the top (that’s how I see it anyway!!!)

I had a very sore mouth too. My Onc prescribed some gel called ‘Oral Balance’ I just coated my mouth and tongue in it before bed and it really helped. It even sorted out the problems I’d been having with my tast buds! I also used Corsodyl well diluted as a rince a few times a day and gargled with it. Since I’ve been following this regimen, I have had no soreness at all. Your Mum’s GP should be able to prescribe both these. Corsodyl is available in most stores that sell oral hygeine products but the Oral Balance gel is quite specialist but you local pharmacy should be able to order it in if they don’t stock it.

Hope this helps. Best wishes to your Mum, yourself and your family

Carly x

Hi Michelle,

My chemo nurses gave me some Difflam mouthwash for my sore mouth, plus a box of Gelcair sachets. I am sure you can get Difflam in most chemists as well. It is for inflammations of the mouth and throat, so may be what your Mum needs, give the chemo nurses a call to make sure though. I also found using Dentyl mouthwash or just good old warm salty water quite soothing as well - another good tip is to use vaseline on lips to prevent them drying right out, as that can just add to the misery of a sore mouth as well.

I hope your Mum feels better soon,

All the best to you both,

Tracy x

Hi Michelle

Another tip I got (but couldnt use got I HATE the stuff) is pineapple juice - its spose to be really good for sore mouth and ulcers - a lot of people have now said that - but it would have made me vomit!!

Hope all the advice helps your mum