Sore port-a-cath

Hi All,
I’ve had a port-a-cath since July, and it’s just started hurting over the last couple of days. I had my last chemo on monday, when it was working fine, and I will be having Herceptin through it for several years. There’s no redness or heat to suggest an infection, it just feels like a stinging sensation, or as if it’s become a bit dislodged.
Anyone had any experience of this? Should I tell somebody? Or wait till I go for Herceptin in 2 weeks? I can’t imagine my GP having much they can do, and there’s nothing to see to make it worth going back to cancer centre.
Any advice gratefully received…

Hi Jacksy,

I would suggest that you give your medical team at the hospital you’re been treated at a ring and explain to them what you are feeling, it may be nothing to worry about but they may want to just check it out to make certain.

Kind regards

Jo, Moderator
Breast Cancer Care

Hi Jacquie

Jo’s right - it’s best to mention it to the hospital. I’ve had mine for the last 3 years and they are really great but for your peace of mind it’s better to make sure that everything is okay. You’re right in that it wouldn’t be worth going to your GP - can you ring your onc’s secretary or, failing this, the breast care nurse to get you an appointment quite quickly or ring the chemo clinic?


Thanks for replying Jo and Pink,
Guess I knew the answer really but sometimes you just can’t think clearly/ see the wood for the trees.

Hi Jacquie

Just wondering whether you did get the port-a cath checked out and whether there was a problem. Hopefully all is ok.

Kay x