Sore rashes

Hi everyone!  Can anybody suggest what to do for really sore hands? My sister is on wk 10 of 12 Taxol and she is really suffering from sore, inflamed hands. Any magic solutions out there? Or failing magic, just something that might give her some relief? Thank you. Dx

Hi Debbie , do remember my fingers felt I had shut them in a draw and very painful, try a soft ball as squeezing it is like a gentle massage and rub hand cream or I believe something like that keeps them warm helps a hot water bottle. It does pass I promise… I finished October and nails etc just semi ok but hands are fine … Take one day at time we can do this ?Xx

Hi Debbie, I’m having docetaxol and sore tender feet have been my problem. I’ve been plastering them with thick body cream and putting cotton socks on them, then after a few minutes plastering them in sudocream as I had a couple of blisters too. This seemed to help. Maybe your sister could try this, but using cotton gloves - think mine were from Boots. Also I’d recommend ringing the chemo advise line, it’s what they’re there for and might know something that could be prescribed. They always seem keen they we don’t suffer unnecessarily :slight_smile:
Sending love to you both xx

Ah yes, I think I remember you posting before! How is she getting on? Is that weekly Taxol? Not too long to go now if so! She’ll be looking forward to your visit and your goody bag! I’ve been using Aveeno moisturising products - paraben free and recommended :slight_smile: Have a look in Boots? Hope you have a lovely time together in the sunshine :slight_smile: xxx