sore scalp

Hi all about to have 2nd chemo hair falling big time need to shave off.what is the best product to use on scalp after this to soothe and protect it cheers xx

Are you getting scalp pain?? Best answer for that is indeed shaving your hair off but leave it at a grade three so the bits left under the skin don’t cause you problems. The left over hair will work as a Velcro effect and pull itself out.

i am using my OH head and shoulders (he is balding and shaves his head a couple of times a week with clippers) as it stops the dry scalp. I’ve tried coconut oil, bio oil etc but it just makes a mess. When I moisturise my face at night I just rub a bit over my head at the same time! Not your best £50 pot but just an oil of Olay type! If you are going hat less use sun cream during the day!


Hi Kimo. I used aloe Vera gel for H&B. I appreciate everybody is different but it worked well for me. 


Hi kimo, I use my facial moisturiser on my head too. I just use Simple. It’s a very light moisturiser and doesn’t make me blotchy unlike the Nivea I was using before chemo. My skin is super sensitive now.
Kelly x

Thankyou all for youre comments have shaved my hair today no3 its very skinned but plenty of bald patches it defo relieved the pain in scalp much better now.will b trying the products you all mention .many thanks great help xx


I had first cycle of fec on 3rd sept and now have very sore itchy spots all over my head, it’s so bad I could pull my hair out.  They are very painful I’ve tried washing my hair with baby shampoo but it’s not helping.  I cut my hair short prior to treatment but would it be better to shave it off?  It’s difficult to put cream or anything on it while I still have hair.  I know it’s only been 1 week since chemo but it’s driving me crazy.

Hi Lambo


My hair started falling out 2 weeks after my first chemo dose. My scalp was so uncomfortable that I decided to clipper with no 1, then shaved the rest of it off. What a relief that was! 


I used to wash my head in aqueous cream, dry and then put E45 cream on. Never had a problem.


I walked around bald everywhere and never wore a wig. Put a hat on when weather turned colder.


Good luck x

I was told Almond oil was good.

Haven’t lost my hair yet but itching like mad. Any suggestions?