Sore scalp?

I’m on cycle 2 of my treatment (EC) and even though I’m cold capping, I’ve already lost about 50% hair but I’m persevering.  My problem however is that my scalp is SO sore.  It feels red raw, tight and generally aches.  I’d love to know if anybody else has had this and what helped?  I know shaving the head will probably do it but I’m trying to find a solution that doesn’t involve losing my hair.

Hi Michele01,

I have just finished chemo and did go through 2 rounds of cold capping before I gave up. Just out of personal choice!

The sore scalp is usually a sign of some hair loss to come. The tenderness can last about 1-3 days (3 days at the very most IMHO) but not much longer. I don’t think shaving will make any difference. It’s just the chemo affecting the follicles.

If you are going to have docetaxol after the EC the hair loss will reduce dramatically and it will start to grow back albeit in it’s own sweet time. However the eyebrows and lashes tend to go during this time. I wonder if it’s a delayed reaction to the EC. I found this more distressing than losing my hair as lashes and brows frame the face. Persevere with the cold cap and dont shave the hair if you think you want to save as much as you can but you could try a shorter cut purely for convieniance if you think it might help.

Take care,

Ali xx



Sorry to hear that you scalp is very sore, although I didn’t use the cold cap myself (the cap didn’t fit!) I would  recommend aveeno body lotion (skin relief contains Shea butter) your scalp. I use it daily on my scalp and have found it very soothing and non greasy.


hope it helps