Sore Skin post surgery

Hi, hoping someone can help.
Had mastectomy on the 18th, drain removed 23rd thankfully. The top of my arm still feels a bit numb and the skin is sore. Any advice on what to use to soothe it?

If it feels just that the skin is a bit irritated then I was advised to use a perfume free moisturiser such as E45. Massaging the skin can help settle the jangled nerves as well.

Thank you x

Loz77, are you talking about your armpit?I had mx and 4 nodes removed for biopsey, all clear. My armpit went from feeling like I’d scrubbed it hard, to feeling like I was tightly clutching a hard square block in my armpit really tightly, and back to the scrubbed feeling for a few weeks. I believe this is because of the node removal. Some hospitals give you a soft v shape cushion to clutch under arm. I wasn’t, but I found a soft squishy cushion at home that did the job. Some days I was tempted to smear ice cream in my armpit, it felt like it was on fire at times. I didn’t though. That would have been a waste. I’d rather eat it.


Hi I had lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy on the 19th December. My armpit is very sore/numb as is my breast. I think tbh it’s very normal (would have been good if they’d told us pre op !).
Reading around the subject the nerves in that area are extreme delicate and there’s masses of them. I don’t think , personally putting anything on it will help. I think it takes a long long time for the nerve pain feeling to subside, some say it never returns to normal completely :sleepy:
Time, gentle exercises and super soft clothing is what I’m doing.
Good luck, hope you’re more comfortable soon xxx

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