sore skin

i had a mastectomy 3weeks ago and am waiting to start chemo but wonder if anyone has had problems with tender, and sore skin they tell me it is the nerve endings but it is so sore i keep rubbing e45 cream but doesn,t seem to be helping

Hello talkative

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June, moderator

Hi talkative
Saw your post and you are certainly not alone. Did you have axiliary node clearance, i assume you did? My op was about eight weeks ago and the very tender feeling has just about gone, but I still have some numbness and some stretching pain in that arm. I know lots of people have mentioned this on various forums, but I did find this one that I found helpful at the time, if I can post the link correctly…

It is strange how it affects all down your arm when the surgery was in the armpit, but all normal according to bcn and surgeon.

Hope this helps